Curiouser and Curiouser

Alice has fallen down a rabbit hole, seen a talking rabbit, shrunk to 10 inches. Now she’s growing to nine feet… ‘Curiouser and curiouser’! Her completely bonkers Wonderland adventures are only just beginning… Curious Signs… Last weekend we watched Lowestoft Town. This sign was beside the pitch. If everybody must ‘Keep off the Grass’ howContinue reading Curiouser and Curiouser

O No We Won’t!

The World Cup kicked off for England yesterday – good football and a good result. Three images stood out for me. The Iranian football team refused to sing their national anthem, identifying with the protests in Iran, showing solidarity with those in their country campaigning for the rights of women. Their silence spoke volumes. Sing?Continue reading O No We Won’t!

The Perspective Of Peace

Yesterday afternoon, by the beach, we met Andy. Andy’s drone was 200 metres out to sea taking pictures of the sunset. From 60 metres up you get a wonderful over-view. The world’s put into perspective… In church yesterday Peter reminded that: ‘Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ I looked it up… It’sContinue reading The Perspective Of Peace

Community – Loneliness’s Antidote

Last night we watched ‘The Weir’, a play showing lonely people coming in an Irish pub. The director wrote in his programme notes: ‘According to a recent study, 45% of adults in the UK report feeling lonely ‘occasionally’ or ‘often’. Loneliness, the same study suggests, is as bad for you as obesity or smoking 15Continue reading Community – Loneliness’s Antidote

The Amber Phase…

There are always roadworks somewhere in Lowestoft. Gas, drains, the new bridge, fibre-optic cables… sometimes I think it’s just a bored digger-driver playing, or temporary traffic lights needing a temporary home. This week roadworks have arrived at the end of our road. Each day we’ll be negotiating several sets of traffic lights… Musing…‘Red for stop’Continue reading The Amber Phase…

Dressed for the Occasion

Yesterday Prime Minister Rishi Sunak arrived at the G20 gala dinner ‘in a Balinese shirt and blue suede shoes that cost £450.’ The England football team arrived in Qatar for the World Cup in their team kit… travelling with Virgin Atlantic who said its ‘gender-neutral uniform policy does not apply to the crew on boardContinue reading Dressed for the Occasion