Yesterday’s news was full of questions: Will Boris relax the covid restrictions on 21st June? Should he? Should England cricketer Ollie Robinson receive further punishment for racist/sexist tweets made 8 years ago? Should Norwich City continue to work with a sponsor that uses adult content on its social media? Did the Queen give permission forContinue reading “Questions…Why?”

Twisted Knickers? Pants Are The Solution

Sometimes I’m anxious, uncertain, worrying about a situation, looking for a solution… I get my knickers in a twist. I propose a pant-based solution to twisted knickers: Ants in my pants: My mother used this expression. It made me smile. I enjoyed the children’s comic picture of insect-inhabited clothing… I mustn’t just accept worry andContinue reading “Twisted Knickers? Pants Are The Solution”

Fish, Chips, Boniface and Hope…

Yesterday was national fish and chip day. We were told that the ‘crown jewels of fish and chip shops in Lowestoft according to Lowestoft Journal readers is the Golden Fish on Blackheath Road’. If it’s the crown jewels does it sell goldfish? As a child on a Saturday morning I listened to ‘Children’s Favourites’ onContinue reading “Fish, Chips, Boniface and Hope…”

Dedicated To The One I Love

The last few days I’ve been listening to a band called ‘Foxes and Fossils’. A man and his musician friends… his daughter and her singing friends… so there’s younger women and older men – hence ‘foxes and fossils’. I love the idea of young and old working together. Their music isn’t bad either…. I particularlyContinue reading “Dedicated To The One I Love”