I Don’t Know About Tomorrow

I don’t know about tomorrow,I just live from day to day;I don’t borrow from its sunshine,For its skies may turn to grey.I don’t worry o’er the future,For I know what Jesus said;And today I’ll walk beside Him,For He knows what is ahead. Ira Stanphill wrote about 400 gospel songs. He wrote this in 1950. HisContinue reading “I Don’t Know About Tomorrow”

Controversy – Midwives and Crème Eggs.

Musing on two articles… Julia Rynkiewicz, a Roman Catholic final year midwifery student, was banned from her hospital placement because of her pro-life views and her involvement with a pro-life society.  A lecturer at the University of Nottingham reported her. She was forced to suspend her studies; she was subject to a four-month fitness-to-practise investigationContinue reading “Controversy – Midwives and Crème Eggs.”

Gifts – Johnny, Eric, Ernie & Francis

I’m reading the autobiography of the singer Johnny Cash. His mother always referred to his voice as ‘the gift’: ‘…I think she did it on purpose, to remind me that the music in me was something special given by God. My job was to care for it and use it well; I was its bearer,Continue reading “Gifts – Johnny, Eric, Ernie & Francis”

Shrove Tuesday

Today’s Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day… Musing on ancient customs and religious roots… Penitence It’s a day of penitence and confession in preparation for the start of Lent tomorrow. Over 1000 years ago a monk wrote in the Anglo-Saxon Ecclesiastical Institutes: ‘In the week immediately before Lent everyone shall go to his confessorContinue reading “Shrove Tuesday”