Corpus Christi in Kramsach

Yesterday in Austria was ‘Corpus Christi’ – a national holiday. Sitting our hotel room we heard a gunshot. In the distance a band was playing. It was getting closer. A procession of people dressed in traditional Tyrolese clothing were approaching. Some were part of the band, some were carrying religious statues… They stopped at aContinue reading “Corpus Christi in Kramsach”

The Salzburg Curriculum & Information Overload

After Tuesday’s conducted tour of Innsbruck, yesterday we had a conducted tour of Saltzburg. Marta our Polish tour guide has been giving general information as we have been travelling in the coach; in each city we were met by local guides… Yesterday our knowledgeable guide took us round the city. In two hours she gaveContinue reading “The Salzburg Curriculum & Information Overload”

Look Up To See…

Yesterday we visited the beautiful city of Innsbruck. ‘Inn’s-bruck’  means ‘bridge over the river Inn’…To appreciate Innsbruck I had to look up to see… …other people… Looking down I just saw my feet; looking up I saw people. I love people watching… earwigging conversations, observing expressions, behaviour and interactions… Musing… If I look down IContinue reading “Look Up To See…”

Stereotypes & Generalisations

Yesterday we flew from London Heathrow to Munich. A coach then took us to Kramsach, Austria. This is the view from our hotel balcony. The Austrian Alps are spectacular! Marta, our Polish tour guide, met us at Munich Airport. She explained the difference between nationalities: To get the French to do something say. ’It’s ‘enContinue reading “Stereotypes & Generalisations”

The Unnoticed, The Hidden, The Secret

On Wednesday at Men’s Shed we were chatting in the garden. Kenny was talking about the pond, Mick about the bee hives, Keith about who would eat the ripening strawberries… Chris asked: ‘Have you seen the weevils on the carnations?’ None of us had. We looked… beautiful shiny black and yellow, ladybird sized insects. ChrisContinue reading “The Unnoticed, The Hidden, The Secret”

Be Curious, Be Present, Reimagine

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has a new book published today: ‘The Power of Reconciliation.’ He wrote an article about it yesterday, describing reconciliation as ‘seeking to disagree well’. ‘ Throughout history the Christian church has disagreed badly with disagreements, divisions, excommunications and wars… I’ve attended church all of my life. My experience, theContinue reading “Be Curious, Be Present, Reimagine”