Calke Abbey: Getting Old

Yesterday we visited Calke Abbey, a National Trust property in Derbyshire. We learnt about the original medieval priory, the rich and famous, links with royalty, falling into disrepair… We walked round the house… old pictures, old furniture, artefacts linked to the Calke of bygone days… I’m spending a couple of days with my two olderContinue reading “Calke Abbey: Getting Old”

Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

And I can’t tell the bottom from the topAm I standing on my head or on my heels?Is it cloudy is it bright?Is it day or is it night?Am I wrong or am I right?And is it real? This old Hollies song has been going round in my head… …Musing on times when ‘I can’tContinue reading “Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable”

So Far, So Good…Ebenezer

Yesterday morning… Saturday’s winds and a rotten fence-post resulted in a trellis, heavy with clematis foliage, falling onto and crushing some rose bushes. Dad’s would never work on ‘the Sabbath’. Jesus talked about an exception, the sheep falling into a pit that had to be rescued. This was a sheep-in-a-pit exception. I removed the rottenContinue reading “So Far, So Good…Ebenezer”

Perceptions and the bigger picture

Musing on this picture… ‘Your perception of reality depends on what you see…’ Sometimes I only see part of the picture and so my perception is partial… I was reading ‘Gardeners’ World’ yesterday. It tells me stories of expert gardeners; pictures of their beautiful gardens inspire me. I see what can be grown and whatContinue reading “Perceptions and the bigger picture”

Disabled? Disadvantaged? – Bernadette, Peter, Betty…

Last night we watched ‘The Girl with a Colourful Leg’. Bernadette Hagans is a Belfast student whose cancer required her right leg to be amputated below the knee: ‘I didn’t really start living until I was faced with cancer, that’s when I realised life is so short and I wasn’t really making the most ofContinue reading “Disabled? Disadvantaged? – Bernadette, Peter, Betty…”