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I love football cliches… In yesterday’s paper: ‘…Dominic Calvert-Lewin launched himself at a free kick and found the net.’ He sounds like a human cannonball… In 1877 Rossa Richter became known as the first human cannonball, She was fired out of a cannon, travelled through the air and landed in a net. Occasionally she missedContinue reading “Cannonball-opinions”

Shouting On The Piano

I received the newsletter from ‘Prostate Cancer UK’. It’s an issue close to my heart… my brother Chris, a number of friends.. those who’ve died, those who’ve survived… (…I know my prostate’s nowhere near my heart!!) The newsletter features an article by musician Jools Holland. He tells his story, his experiences – test, diagnosis, treatment…Continue reading “Shouting On The Piano”

I’m Just Wood

Esther does a weekly chat about spiritual stuff and what’s on her mind. Yesterday, in her inimitable way she told the story of the prophet Elijah challenging the prophets of Baal to a contest – whose God could bring down fire on a pile of damp wood. Esther talked about feeling like damp wood… Musing…Continue reading “I’m Just Wood”


I’ve learnt a new word – ‘funicular’. My friend Tim explained… A funicular is a type of railway. Two counterbalanced carriages are attached to opposite ends of a cable, which is looped over a pulley at the upper end of the track. I remember seeing one in Scarborough. As one carriage goes up the otherContinue reading “Funicular”

Mental Health And Me

Last night we watched ‘Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood’. The fitness coach who became famous during lockdown for his YouTube family fitness workouts discussed his Mum’s OCD and eating disorders… his Dad’s depression and addictions… how their mental health affected his childhood… Musing… Mental Health… Understanding… He wanted to understand his parents’ mental ill-health… PreviousContinue reading “Mental Health And Me”

I Haven’t Been There

Musing… yesterday’s conversations… Alice has been through a messy divorce… Erin’s been in pain for years and awaiting surgery… Andy’s wife has a mental health problem… Paul suffers with M.E… Daphne’s daughter is not expected to live much longer… I listen carefully. I try to understand. But I haven’t been there. This morning’s paper: ‘EmilyContinue reading “I Haven’t Been There”


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