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Tales of the Unexpected

A year ago there was a lot of bad news – the start of lockdown, people suffering from Covid, daily infection rates, deaths, pressures on the NHS, gloomy predictions… There was also good news. We valued and appreciated the contribution of ‘key workers’. We celebrated the kindly act, the generous gift, ordinary, good people goingContinue reading “Tales of the Unexpected”

Where’s Wally?

We’ve all seen the ‘Where’s Wally’ puzzle books; detailed illustrations of people doing amusing things at a given location…. This morning I read of Solomon’s temple… ‘A place for you to dwell for ever.’ (2Chronicles 6:2) Where’s Wally? Where’s God? In the garden I see apple blossom on the tree, goldfinches and blue tits onContinue reading “Where’s Wally?”

Stubborn Old Sod…

I was brought up in a good Christian family and church where swearing didn’t happen… I was chatting to Des yesterday. His Mum’s in hospital and not too well. ‘She’s a stubborn old sod’, he said in an endearing but accepting way. I asked if this was a medical condition for which she’s being treated…Continue reading “Stubborn Old Sod…”

You’re My Best Friend

You placed gold on my fingerYou brought love like I’d never knownYou gave life to our childrenAnd to me a reason to go on This old country song unashamedly promotes the commitment, love, and family blessings of what many would call ‘traditional’ marriage. Musing on… a society where marriage is increasingly devalued and dismissed, whereContinue reading “You’re My Best Friend”

Random Smiles

I was walking along the cliff top this morning. It was very cold, very wet and very windy. A man was in his driveway getting his boat out. I said: ‘Lovely day for taking your boat out.’ He replied: ‘We’re British! We can manage!’ As I child I was a boy scout. I was taught:Continue reading “Random Smiles”

Roger and Prospero

Yesterday was Roger’s funeral. A classically-trained, old-school actor, well versed in Shakespeare and Dickens, Roger had acted with famous actors and directors… We gathered in The Seagull Theatre to remember him as a friend, fellow-performer, much-loved, valued member of The Seagull family and community. We reflected on the discipline and constructs of script and direction,Continue reading “Roger and Prospero”

The Midwife

Lovely Becca, nearly qualified midwife, reminded us yesterday: Happy international midwives day lovely people! I’m never certain of much but one thing I know for sure is that there is nothing else I could ever imagine doing. It is so much more than a job and what a privilege it is. Musing… the midwife… outContinue reading “The Midwife”

Father and Son

The latest Marsh family rendition tells a story… With lockdown relaxing Ben (Dad) and Danielle (Mum) have been out celebrating. Having drunk too much they now have to face their children. It’s the morning after the night before. They parody two beautiful songs – Cat Steven’s ‘Father and Son’ and Abba’s ‘Slipping Through my Fingers’Continue reading “Father and Son”


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