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Look Up Look Down

When the children were young there was an often repeated joke that went ‘Look up, look down, your trousers/pants are falling down’. It was one of those family in-jokes that was funny to them, but meant nothing to anyone else. Musing on ‘Look up… look down’ Jokes…. Many variations… The monkeys on top of theContinue reading “Look Up Look Down”


Antidote to grumpiness… Our bird-feeders hang from the apple tree in our back garden. They’re frequently my source of therapy – for musing on my mistakes, problems and grumpiness. There are the bigger birds – jays, magpies, crows that are bullies, blackbirds that are always cheerful, woodpeckers that peck wood – and peanuts, The squirrelContinue reading “Goldfinches”

Patch Adams & Dependency

The last few weeks in our garden… families of squirrels, blackbirds, great tits and goldfinches come each day. We’ve watched small become bigger, young become older, dependent become independent. After two weeks of dry sunny days this morning it’s raining hard. Birds and squirrels don’t care. They come, they share the garden, they feed together.Continue reading “Patch Adams & Dependency”


Two stories in the paper attracted my attention yesterday. The first concerns Alisha, a 15-year-old local girl who’s a promising young horse rider. ‘In December 2020 her horse lorry was trashed by a group of vandals… in Pakefield, meaning she could not travel to compete in national competitions.’ The article describes how the lorry wasContinue reading “Vandalism”


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