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Going Round In Circles

When I was a maths teacher I enjoyed practical geometry lessons… teaching children to use compasses safely, without injuring themselves or each other… drawing accurate circles… Yesterday at Men’s Shed I learnt a new skill. Martin and I are making wheelbarrow planters… Michael Jackson (real name!) showed us how to use a band saw toContinue reading “Going Round In Circles”

Weary Winners

On Saturday I took my friend Ian to our local hospital for a ‘procedure’ (a wonderful term – often a euphemism for ‘lady’s’ hospital visits). I dropped Ian off and drove to Gorleston sea-front. It was a crisp, bright winter morning. It was the Gorleston ‘fun-run’… hundreds taking part. Initially athletes passed me. Moving withContinue reading “Weary Winners”

One Pair of Hands

One pair of hands formed the mountainsOne pair of hands formed the seaOne pair of hands madethe sun and the moonEvery bird every flower every treeOne pair of hands formed the valleysThe ocean the rivers and the sand I like the picture of the creator-God making the world with his hands. Complex discussions about science,Continue reading “One Pair of Hands”

Next Steps

Several friends have model train layouts. They often talk about their ‘next steps’ in design, purchase or construction. Receiving a delivery like this might be a shock! Yesterday we did receive an unexpected delivery… some ‘dumbbells’! The next steps in the development of a neighbour’s home gym… I received a glossy brochure: ‘Moving to aContinue reading “Next Steps”

Chris and his God

My brother Chris died peacefully this morning. I’m sure lots of other stuff will be written and said… As a teenager I was always known as ‘Chris’s brother’. Everyone knew Chris – he was extrovert and influential… at times it felt like I was living in his shadow. Sometimes I resented it; sometimes I wasContinue reading “Chris and his God”

Big Buts

I’ve enjoyed ‘big but’ jokes for years… My inappropriate school-boy humour is often aware the double meaning or ‘misunderstanding’ with but/butt… ‘Should I buy these jeans?’ ‘They’re a good fit, but I’m not sure they suit you.’ ‘’Well that’s a big but…’ I snigger because I’m thinking ‘big butt’ Totally inappropriate. Some preachers think they’reContinue reading “Big Buts”


Yesterday, chatting to my friend Ian about the curse of the ‘compare our children’ competition… ‘Sophie speaks in sentences; she’s only 9 months old…’ ‘Josh’s 5 – he can do long multiplication…’ ‘Harriet read all of the Harry Potter books before she started school…’ so it continues… sport, music, hobbies, GCSEs, A-levels, universities, marriage, grandchildren…Continue reading “Insecurities”

Just Showing Up

Yesterday we received a letter from Els in Norway: ‘In February I started a new job… a project offering assistance to people working in or who have worked in prostitution, and victims of human trafficking…’ ‘…there are the heartbreaking conversations where I listen and realise that that is all I can do. And yet, moreContinue reading “Just Showing Up”

Be Not Afraid

You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst.You shall wander far in safety though you do not know the way.You shall speak your words in foreign lands and all will understand.You shall see the face of God and live. Robert Dufford started writing ‘Be Not Afraid’ in 1972. He wasContinue reading “Be Not Afraid”


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