Mr Jay: Getting The Peanut

Mr Jay visits our garden regularly. He’s particularly partial to peanuts. He’s taught me a four stage approach to facing problems… Stage 1 – Inaction and acceptance: Mr Jay sat in the apple tree, watching squirrels, woodpeckers and other birds enjoying peanuts from the bird-feeder. He longed for peanuts but knew he wasn’t gifted inContinue reading “Mr Jay: Getting The Peanut”

Teamwork… Winners and Losers

The Euros continue. Daily football matches are analysed, managers and players criticised… Teams of footballers working together… Tonight it’s England’s ‘big game’… A couple of weeks ago there were 24 teams; we shall finish with 1 winner… and therefore 23 losers. It seems strange… we create competitions where the vast majority lose. …But there areContinue reading “Teamwork… Winners and Losers”

The Highest Judge…And Skips

Yesterday, musing on Keith and Kristyn Getty’s song ‘There is a higher throne’, reminded me of the song from the musical ‘Carousel’: Take me beyond the pearly gates,Through a beautiful marble hall,Take me before the highest throneAnd let me be judged by the highest judge of all!… Fairground worker Billy Bigelow falls in love withContinue reading “The Highest Judge…And Skips”

There Is A Higher Throne

There is a higher throneThan all this world has knownWhere faithful ones from every tongueWill one day come.Before the Son we’ll standMade faultless through the Lamb;Believing hearts find promised grace—Salvation comes. As a child I was taught that if you give your life to Jesus then you will go to heaven. I embraced this simpleContinue reading “There Is A Higher Throne”

Praiseworthy and Excellent!

I met Tony this morning. He complained about the council, vandals, thoughtless drivers, politicians, the local hospital… Nothing is ever good or right with Tony. It’s not about whether his glass is half full or half empty… he has less than everybody else, the drinks aren’t what they used to be, they cost too muchContinue reading “Praiseworthy and Excellent!”

Improbable and impossible

On Tuesday grandson Luca came to tea, requesting ‘toad in the hole’. We googled ‘toad-in-the-hole’… Apparently putting meat in a batter has been around for centuries – it first appeared in print in 1762! Why toad-in-the-hole? I like the improbable story of a golf tournament in the town of Alnmouth in Northumberland, where the localContinue reading “Improbable and impossible”