Hearing And Understanding

I’ve discovered various stages in the hearing process I hear… sounds are made… I know someone’s speaking I listen… I’m aware of what’s said – I can repeat the words I understand… there’s meaning… the words make sense I perceive… I recognise context, body language, implications I respond… I reply, change my attitude, act orContinue reading “Hearing And Understanding”

You Must Do Better

Doctors are told that they must do better. Health Secretary Sajid Javid will create a public league table of performance. ‘More data and transparency’ will apparently drive up standards across the country. Reflecting on teachers I’ve worked with… on conversations with police officers, doctors, nurses and other public servants. Committed to their work they striveContinue reading “You Must Do Better”

Life’s Wheel Keeps Turning..

Last week we had a meal at the ‘Mill Wheel’ at Hartshorne. The building dates from the 17th-century. Originally a corn mill it subsequently became a water-powered screw mill, a corn mill again, a saw mill… Abandoned around 1945 it was converted into a pub and restaurant in 1987, retaining and restoring the huge 23ftContinue reading “Life’s Wheel Keeps Turning..”

He Ain’t Heavy – He’s My Brother

The road is long, with many of winding turnsThat lead us to (who knows) where, who knows where?But I’m strong, strong enough to carry himHe ain’t heavy – he’s my brother Musing on having brothers… being a brother… My brothers have been on – and are on – a long, winding road. What’s round theContinue reading “He Ain’t Heavy – He’s My Brother”

Lewis, Isaac & Matthew

I spent yesterday with our family. The day’s summed up by three quotations: ‘Twas brillig, and the slithy tovesDid gyre and gimble in the wabe:All mimsy were the borogoves,And the mome raths outgrabe… We remembered Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’ from ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’. Complete nonsense! I’m very happy talking nonsense much of the time;Continue reading “Lewis, Isaac & Matthew”