Faith Seeking Understanding

Yesterday started with learning that Sarah had died. Tragic, sad… We went to church. There was a great sense of sadness and loss. Sarah was known and loved by many. We returned home to a family barbecue concluding our Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations… At church Abi quoted St Anselm who talked about ‘Faith seeking understanding…’Continue reading “Faith Seeking Understanding”

Preparation and Planning

As a student teacher I was introduced to ‘lesson preparation’… preparing what I was going to teach and how I was going to teach it. I’ve spent my life preparing for the next activity or event in the family, school, church. The old perceived wisdom says: ‘Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance.’ Yesterday wasContinue reading “Preparation and Planning”

Avoiding, Observing, Floating, Immersing…

I walked along the beach this morning. It was beautiful, warm. The sea was calm. I passed one or two fellow early morning walkers. ‘Good morning,’ was with a smile. Many, still at home, through choice or circumstances, weren’t enjoying the morning… A group of paddle-boarders were paddling gently, chatting to each other. A smallContinue reading “Avoiding, Observing, Floating, Immersing…”

Recurring Positives

When I was a teacher I taught recurring decimals; English teachers talked about recurring themes in books; textile design teachers described recurring patterns on fabrics… At Men’s Shed yesterday we were chatting about politics, holidays, wives… Martin said: ‘My wife Cathy always…’ With family and friends that we know well, we expect certain words, attitudesContinue reading “Recurring Positives”

Alec & Carole – Doing Things Together

Yesterday evening we enjoyed sharing with Alec and Carole, celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary. About 40 of us had a meal together at a local hotel. They had a congratulations card from the queen, a special cake and Alec made a speech – in his inimitable style. He described their ‘courting’, wedding on 21st JuneContinue reading “Alec & Carole – Doing Things Together”

Marta… Enjoying, Deciding, Thinking!

Yesterday our holiday ended. We left our hotel and travelled to Munich. From there the 48 of us who had spent a week together flew home – to Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and London… We’d spent a week in the expert hands of our Polish guide Marta who did much of thinking for us… helping usContinue reading “Marta… Enjoying, Deciding, Thinking!”

Oberammergau and Reality

Yesterday we saw the Oberammergau Passion Play In 1633 the plague was raging in Europe. The villagers of Oberammergau, in Southern Germany vowed that if they were spared further death, every 10 years they would stage a ‘play of the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ’. Since then the people of OberammergauContinue reading “Oberammergau and Reality”