Competence and Maturity

Yesterday… …Rob, from the International Boatbuilding Training College,  came to our Men’s Shed for our safety training, talking about and demonstrating the safe use of our workshop machines. One Health and Safety Executive (HSE) directive made me smile: ‘Ensure that people under the age of 18 have the competence and maturity to operate woodworking machines…’Continue reading “Competence and Maturity”


Yesterday… …There were reports that ex-cricketer and TV presenter Freddie Flintoff is taking a break from his TV work commitments. He’s recovering from injuries sustained during a terrifying crash whilst filming ‘Top Gear’ last month. The Sun reported: ‘He is putting his career on hold until he is in a better place mentally and physically,Continue reading “Freddy… CHIMP & SHRIMPS”

What’s Best?

Yesterday’s news included the new indoor skatepark that’s opened at the 15th-century St Peter Parmentergate Church in Norwich. We saw the enthusiasm and skills of skateboarders and heard their passion, dedication and determination to be successful. Skateboarders and the local authorities think that is the best use for the building. Faith communities and historians mayContinue reading “What’s Best?”

Offended and Upset

Yesterday I wrote about ‘nitty gritty’. Several concerned friends contacted me… The London Evening Standard (May 2002) stated: ‘…expressions such as “nitty gritty” are increasingly being banned by Britain’s police forces because of their racist overtones… the phrase originates from the 18th century slave trade and refers to the detritus left behind in the holdContinue reading “Offended and Upset”

Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty

I’ve heard this phrase used several times recently… One dictionary definition: ‘If people get down to the nitty-gritty of a matter, situation, or activity, they discuss the most important, basic parts of it or facts about it.’ I’ve been reading about ancient Jewish sacrifices… If you broke the Jewish law it might have been accidentally;Continue reading “Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty”