Please Use Both Sides

A petrol station in Hunstanton announces: ‘Please use both sides’. I smiled. You can’t use both sides! You have to choose one side or the other… Son-Andrew sent us pictures of blue skies and sunshine from his holiday in the Lake District… Yesterday Hunstanton certainly wasn’t ‘Sunny Hunny’. It was cold and grey. We hadContinue reading “Please Use Both Sides”

Flamingos Talk… Chickens under the Bed…

Yesterday we visited Pensthorpe – a 700 acre nature reserve of woodland, gardens… and  lakes, that are home to a diverse range of ducks and geese. Their publicity says: ‘Pensthorpe is the ultimate destination for discovery and an action-packed day out for the whole family. Here you can explore magical gardens, take a trail throughContinue reading “Flamingos Talk… Chickens under the Bed…”

Right Person, Right Thing, Right Time, Right Place

Good friends Barry and Bridget came to stay. In the middle of the night a shadowy figure entered our bedroom. Me: I think you’re in the wrong room. Barry: What? Barry tried to get into our bed! Me: I think you’re in the wrong room! Barry: Eh?… OK Barry’s shadowy figure left the room. Barry’sContinue reading “Right Person, Right Thing, Right Time, Right Place”

My Bouncing – Bumbling Spectrum

Usually, I live somewhere on a spectrum that goes from ‘bouncing’ at one end to ‘bumbling’ at the other end. When I was younger and more energetic I probably spent more time towards the bouncing end… now I tend more towards bumbling… Yesterday the folk around me seemed to have huge insurmountable problems… ongoing physicalContinue reading “My Bouncing – Bumbling Spectrum”

Potholes, Bridges, Parking… and a Blessing

Diversion signs around the town may be frustrating… but it’s good to know that ‘emergency works’ are filling some of the many potholes in our roads. I was amused to read that ‘urgent works will repair the potholes on the roads that measure from 40mm to 100mm’.’ I assume that they mean that the holes notContinue reading “Potholes, Bridges, Parking… and a Blessing”