Going Round In Circles

When I was a maths teacher I enjoyed practical geometry lessons… teaching children to use compasses safely, without injuring themselves or each other… drawing accurate circles… Yesterday at Men’s Shed I learnt a new skill. Martin and I are making wheelbarrow planters… Michael Jackson (real name!) showed us how to use a band saw toContinue reading “Going Round In Circles”

Chris… Chance, Choice and Change

Yesterday my brother Chris died. I appreciated the prayers and support of many – family and friends… I smiled when I saw this… a Fanta sea… a fantasy (…jokes are always funniest when you explain them)… ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen (the band not the monarch) starts: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?CaughtContinue reading “Chris… Chance, Choice and Change”

Big Buts

I’ve enjoyed ‘big but’ jokes for years… My inappropriate school-boy humour is often aware the double meaning or ‘misunderstanding’ with but/butt… ‘Should I buy these jeans?’ ‘They’re a good fit, but I’m not sure they suit you.’ ‘’Well that’s a big but…’ I snigger because I’m thinking ‘big butt’ Totally inappropriate. Some preachers think they’reContinue reading “Big Buts”


Yesterday, chatting to my friend Ian about the curse of the ‘compare our children’ competition… ‘Sophie speaks in sentences; she’s only 9 months old…’ ‘Josh’s 5 – he can do long multiplication…’ ‘Harriet read all of the Harry Potter books before she started school…’ so it continues… sport, music, hobbies, GCSEs, A-levels, universities, marriage, grandchildren…Continue reading “Insecurities”