Light at the End of the Tunnel

Musing on words that we usually read at Christmas:: ‘The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.’ Starlight Express is a long running West End musical in which the actors perform the entire show on roller skates: Rusty,Continue reading “Light at the End of the Tunnel”

Great Expectations

I’ve watched bits of the Olympic Games over the past few days… familiar and unfamiliar sports… skateboarding, surfing, equestrian dressage… It’s amazing how quickly I can become an expert! Yesterday I watched British girls getting bronze medals. The taekwondo girl was expecting to win gold; to her the bronze was a disappointment. The gymnastic girlsContinue reading “Great Expectations”

Immigration – New Legislation

More pictures of migrants attempting to enter the UK… At least 8,452 people have crossed the English Channel in small boats this year; last Monday alone there were more than 430. Musing… three extreme responses: ‘Illegal immigrants! Our country’s full; they’re taking advantage of us!’ ‘These are people with extreme problems; we should help them.’Continue reading “Immigration – New Legislation”

Blankety Blank… Lockdown World

In the old TV show ‘Blankety Blank’ celebrities were invited to fill in the blanks in a given phrase… I continue to enjoy the Marsh Family. Their most recent ‘Lockdown World’ shows their skills and creativity both lyrically and musically. I’ve been playing Blankety Blank with ‘____down world’. Here are six of the ‘blank-down worlds’,Continue reading “Blankety Blank… Lockdown World”

Come Ye Sinners Poor And Needy

Come, ye sinners, poor and needy,Weak and wounded, sick and sore;Jesus ready stands to save you,Full of pity, love and power. This hymn was written by Joseph Hart (not the English goalkeeper!) in 1759. Brought up with by strict Christian parents, Hart fell away from faith. He says: ‘…I began to sink deeper and deeperContinue reading “Come Ye Sinners Poor And Needy”

Meaning-less to Meaning-full

In my annual journey through the Bible I come this morning to Ecclesiastes that starts, ‘Meaningless! Meaningless!…Utterly Meaningless! Everything is meaningless.’ Wise King Solomon was also very rich. He’s had everything – education, drink, entertainment, sex, possessions, work, pleasure… His conclusion? It’s all meaning-less. How do we move from meaning-less to meaning-full? Yesterday I metContinue reading “Meaning-less to Meaning-full”

Walks – Sheep, Thunderstorms & Hills

We’ve been walking in Derbyshire – very different from the Suffolk coast! We’ve seen sheep – newly shorn mums, and newly-wooled adolescents. The mothers are still feeding the juveniles that are as big as they are! I used to think that teenagers grow up, leave home and become independent. Friends have adult ‘children’ still livingContinue reading “Walks – Sheep, Thunderstorms & Hills”

Life’s a Bed of Roses

‘Life’s a bed of roses’… an old expression – first found in a Christopher Marlowe 1599 poem ‘The Passionate Shepherd to his Love’. Great title! Musings on life’s ‘bed of roses’… from an in-expert gardener… …Roses are beautiful, coming in many colours and varieties; they’re delicate, sweet smelling and fragile… Life’s beautiful. People are generous,Continue reading “Life’s a Bed of Roses”

I Don’t Understand

Our gooseberries have done well this year. Rachel has made excellent crumbles, pies… and gooseberry jam. Red raspberries and strawberries make red jam, blackcurrants and blackberries make a blackish jam. But green gooseberries… green jam? No! It’s a brownish red. I don’t understand. Like the old riddle we learnt as children: ‘Why does a brownContinue reading “I Don’t Understand”