Remembering – With A Smile And A Tear

Yesterday I did my weekly prayer walk… Passing a school I pray for certain young people. Passing a church I pray for certain ministers. Passing a café I pray for friends I’ve recently drunk coffee with… At ‘Kathryn’s bench’ I remember Kathryn, a young person who died in 2012, her parents, and other bereaved friends.Continue reading “Remembering – With A Smile And A Tear”

Brother, Sister Let Me Serve You

Brother, sister, let me serve you;let me be as Christ to you;pray that I may have the grace tolet you be my servant too. This week I shall meet many people – at church, in cafés, homes, clubs… friends, family… I’m not with them for my benefit, nor as some noble, controlling do-gooder, but inContinue reading “Brother, Sister Let Me Serve You”