Marmalade Sandwiches and Violins

70 years: We’ve been celebrating our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. People have spoken of her value to the nation and international reputation. Many have reflected with respect on her personal integrity, service to others, faith in God. 1 conversation: What will stay in the minds of many will be the conversation between the Queen and PaddingtonContinue reading Marmalade Sandwiches and Violins

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

This our friend Jim. As Billericay Town Crier he read out the Platinum Jubilee proclamation: ‘Oyez, oyez, oyez! Today in our nation and across the commonwealth we are celebrating our glorious Queen’s Platinum Jubilee…’ There has been a lot to hear. Many words have been said and reported by the good, the great and theContinue reading “Platinum Jubilee Celebrations”


North Creake, the village we’re staying, has a ‘scarecrow trail’. It’s part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Yesterday we walked round the village scarecrow spotting. There was a gardener-scarecrow mowing the grass, an acrobat-scarecrow, doing a cartwheel, a Royal-Highness-scarecrow drinking tea… North Creake scarecrows are a bit of fun… they bring the community together,Continue reading “Scarecrows”

Golf – Focus, Direction & Consistency

Yesterday we visited Hunstanton on the North Norfolk coast. We looked in souvenir shops, explored rock pools, collected shells, enjoyed ice creams… and played golf on a ‘pitch-and-put’ course. Daughter-Jo won… beating her parents and children. I’m pretty useless. I know the principle of hitting a small ball into a small hole. I don’t haveContinue reading “Golf – Focus, Direction & Consistency”

Activity, Rest and Musing

We’re on holiday in deepest Norfolk. Yesterday we visited Pensthorpe. We walked round the 700 acre nature reserve… following a ‘jubilee trail’… feeding the ducks… climbing trees, rope ladders and high towers… enjoying the indoor and outdoor play areas. Although not all of us did all of these things we were engaged in significant physicalContinue reading “Activity, Rest and Musing”

Good-different and Bad-different

Rachel and I are used to going away together. We walk, sit, read, eat… It’s quiet and gentle. This week we’re away with grandchildren. I’ve kicked a football, played noisy games, visited an adventure playground…  I’ll need a holiday to recover. It’s different – good-different. David Lammy in ‘Tribes’ describes how we identify with ‘tribes’Continue reading “Good-different and Bad-different”

Do You Hear The People Sing?

Do you hear the people sing?Singing the songs of angry men?It is the music of the peopleWho will not be slaves again!When the beating of your heartEchoes the beating of the drumsThere is a life about to startWhen tomorrow comes! This song, from Les Misérables (1980 musical, 2012 film) is about committed determined people unitingContinue reading “Do You Hear The People Sing?”