When Everything Goes Wrong

Norwich lost again on Saturday. Six defeats in a row. ‘The worst start any team has made to a Premier League Season,’ say the pundits. ‘It’s embarrassingly easy to beat us,’ say the fans. One fan said: ‘…We weren’t ready for the season to start. Our shoes don’t fit properly. We got distracted by aContinue reading “When Everything Goes Wrong”


Hallelujah, HallelujahHallelujah, Hallelujah ‘Hallelujah’… from ‘Hallalu’ – ‘praise’, ‘Yah’ – the Lord. Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ has been sung in many contexts. Here it’s sung at a wedding. There’s love, emotion, smiles, tears, the grand family occasion. The hallelujah of gratitude and hope seems highly appropriate. I’ve heard there was a secret chordThat David played, andContinue reading “Hallelujah”

The Wine And Beer Option

Yesterday’s panic buying of petrol across the country resulted in this sign appearing outside a pub. I smiled. This morning I read: ‘I will prophesy for you plenty of wine and beer’(Micah 2:11) There’s no need to panic buy your beer. The prophets say that there’s plenty for everyone. Sit back, eat, drink and relax.Continue reading “The Wine And Beer Option”

Provisions…Frying Pans & Fish

Grandson Zak’s off to university today. Rachel prepared a little bag of provisions for him… a frying pan, bars of chocolate… His mother Jo has done a more thorough review of his situation… essential food, lap-top, plates, clothes… provisions for the months ahead. Musing… ‘provision’… made up of ‘pro-’ meaning ‘before’ and ‘-vision’ which isContinue reading “Provisions…Frying Pans & Fish”

Parents – Who’d Have ‘Em

In my teaching career I met many children… Each of them had parents. Musing four different sorts of parents… I’m the best ‘Gracie may only be five but she’s already read Pride and Prejudice – I read three times each day with her…’ ‘Wayne’s plays for the Manchester United under 9s football. It’s in theContinue reading “Parents – Who’d Have ‘Em”

Sound of Silence

Hello darkness, my old friend,I’ve come to talk with you again,Because a vision softly creeping,Left its seeds while I was sleeping… As a teenager some ‘pop-music’ was fun, some rebellious. Paul Simon’s ‘Sound of Silence’ made me think. Walking home from school on dark winter nights, alone, across the empty park, I listened to theContinue reading “Sound of Silence”

Tell It To Your Children

My friend Peter’s writing his life story – his childhood in Southwold, life at sea in the merchant navy, painting and decorating business… joy and sorrow, love and heartbreak, triumph and error, predictable and unexpected… His story is for his children and their children. The Biblical prophet Joel: ‘Tell it to your children, and letContinue reading “Tell It To Your Children”

Every Day’s A Good Day

My walk this morning was good… beautiful, warm… the sun rising over the sea… the usual assortment of dog-walkers, swimmers, joggers, cyclists… ‘Good morning,’ I said to one man. His loud, bright, very orange shorts woke me up. ‘Good morning,’ I said to an older lady dog-walker. ‘Good morning,’ she replied, very cheerily. ‘Lovely morning,’Continue reading “Every Day’s A Good Day”