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Where’s Wally?

We’ve all seen the ‘Where’s Wally’ puzzle books; detailed illustrations of people doing amusing things at a given location…. This morning I read of Solomon’s temple… ‘A place for you to dwell for ever.’ (2Chronicles 6:2) Where’s Wally? Where’s God? In the garden I see apple blossom on the tree, goldfinches and blue tits onContinue reading “Where’s Wally?”

Stubborn Old Sod…

I was brought up in a good Christian family and church where swearing didn’t happen… I was chatting to Des yesterday. His Mum’s in hospital and not too well. ‘She’s a stubborn old sod’, he said in an endearing but accepting way. I asked if this was a medical condition for which she’s being treated…Continue reading “Stubborn Old Sod…”

Champions, Winners Losers…

We are the champions, my friendsAnd we’ll keep on fighting till the endWe are the champions, we are the championsNo time for losers ’cause we are the champions of the world I’ve often mused on this old Queen song…. On Saturday Norwich City drew 2-2 with Barnsley, their final match of the season. They wonContinue reading “Champions, Winners Losers…”

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