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The Margin of Mystery

Recently we’ve enjoyed good news… Yesterday the church parent and toddler group re-started. All went really well. Messages of gratitude… ‘Just wanted to say a huge thank you! It was so wonderful to see you all yesterday. E and A had such a good time.  It was so good to feel that a little normalityContinue reading “The Margin of Mystery”

The Third Crossing

There are two ways to cross Lake Lothing in Lowestoft: either by the Bascule Bridge to the east of the town, or the Mutford Lock Bridge to the west. After many years of discussion, promises and good intentions a third crossing is finally being built. The Gull Wing Bridge is due to be completed andContinue reading “The Third Crossing”

Whistled Instructions?

A man in a disabled buggy was approaching me along the coastal path. A black dog walked beside him. He kept whistling instructions to the dog. The whistling didn’t sound right… As he drew closer I saw a grey parrot on the front of his buggy whistling! I liked the idea of the parrot, notContinue reading “Whistled Instructions?”

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