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Faith Seeking Understanding

Yesterday started with learning that Sarah had died. Tragic, sad… We went to church. There was a great sense of sadness and loss. Sarah was known and loved by many. We returned home to a family barbecue concluding our Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations… At church Abi quoted St Anselm who talked about ‘Faith seeking understanding…’Continue reading “Faith Seeking Understanding”

Teach Me Thy Way

Teach me Thy way, O Lord,  Teach me Thy way;Thy gracious aid afford,  Teach me Thy way.Help me to walk aright;More by faith, less by sight;Lead me with heav’nly light,  Teach me Thy way. Our good friends Tim and Jill sang this old hymn at our wedding. Yesterday they, and a number of other friends, celebrated our weddingContinue reading “Teach Me Thy Way”

Preparation and Planning

As a student teacher I was introduced to ‘lesson preparation’… preparing what I was going to teach and how I was going to teach it. I’ve spent my life preparing for the next activity or event in the family, school, church. The old perceived wisdom says: ‘Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance.’ Yesterday wasContinue reading “Preparation and Planning”

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