Tell It To Your Children

My friend Peter’s writing his life story – his childhood in Southwold, life at sea in the merchant navy, painting and decorating business… joy and sorrow, love and heartbreak, triumph and error, predictable and unexpected… His story is for his children and their children. The Biblical prophet Joel: ‘Tell it to your children, and letContinue reading “Tell It To Your Children”

Every Day’s A Good Day

My walk this morning was good… beautiful, warm… the sun rising over the sea… the usual assortment of dog-walkers, swimmers, joggers, cyclists… ‘Good morning,’ I said to one man. His loud, bright, very orange shorts woke me up. ‘Good morning,’ I said to an older lady dog-walker. ‘Good morning,’ she replied, very cheerily. ‘Lovely morning,’Continue reading “Every Day’s A Good Day”

Tell Me The Old, Old Story

I continue to enjoy Bible Stories. They’re fascinating, simple, profound, remarkable, enjoyable, frustrating, mysterious, compelling, powerful, transforming… Friends with no apparent faith tell me they don’t believe the Bible. As conversation progresses it appears that they haven’t read it. They’ve picked up bits of apparent non-sense, reaching what to me seems like to a mis-informedContinue reading “Tell Me The Old, Old Story”

Seagull, Emma, Jacob and Maturity

We walked beside the sea yesterday afternoon. There was the usual assortment of seagulls, including youngsters in their juvenile feathers. One comical-looking herring gull caught our attention. He was a beautiful glossy grey and white adult – with a juvenile brown fluffy head. Not quite grown up. A young head on a mature body. TheContinue reading “Seagull, Emma, Jacob and Maturity”

Consider the Lilies

Consider the lilies of the field,How they grow, how they grow.Consider the birds in the sky,How they fly, how they fly. Sometimes life seems so complicated. World problems – pandemics, terrorism, earthquakes, hurricanes, war, injustice… apparently no solutions. And personally… damaged relationships, broken promises, family problems, insoluble disappointments, incurable illness… more complications. He clothes theContinue reading “Consider the Lilies”