I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

We’re well into the Christmas season. Christmas songs are playing in the shops and on the radio….’I wish it could be Christmas every day…’ My default position is ‘Bah Humbug’. The picture of ho-ho-happiness is too much for me! When family members ask me what I want for Christmas my answer is ‘peace and quiet’.Continue reading “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day”

Signs of Christmas

Random Christmas related items on the news: Christmas lights… The Norwich Evening News reports on dad-of-three Mark Abbott, a 44-year-old dance school owner: ‘Mr Abbott has over 16,000 lights and counting in his display…”I’m using 59 sockets right now. Sometimes they give me a little shock but it’s mostly okay… There are 500 lights onContinue reading “Signs of Christmas”

It Just Isn’t Right

Yesterday’s Sun…‘Diners with a taste for the unusual are in for a treat from today – mayonnaise mixed with Terry’s chocolate orange. Creator Heinz says the sweet festive concoction is for slathering on crumpets or pancakes – or even straight from the jar.’ Unorthodox festive sauce – chocolate orange mayonnaise? A treat? It just isn’tContinue reading “It Just Isn’t Right”

The Body Beautiful

Last week’s ‘March with Midwives’ demonstrations supported ‘…burnt-out NHS staff who claim they work up to 13 hour shifts without so much as a toilet or drinks break.’ ‘…60% of midwives want to pack in their jobs over the stress they are facing’… ‘for every 30 midwives that qualify, 29 leave the profession altogether’. SkilledContinue reading “The Body Beautiful”

The Candle Song

Like a candle flameFlickering small in our darknessUncreated lightShines through infant eyes Over the past few days we’ve heard a lot about ‘Black Friday’ – Christmas preparation… presents, good deals, spending money to save money. It’s also been a black weekend with the announcement of a new covid variant and the preparations required to combatContinue reading “The Candle Song”

The Construction Site

Headlines in our local paper: ‘Like an earthquake’ – Life by Lowestoft’s Gull Wing Construction Site.’ Describing the impact of bridge-building over Lake Lothing: ‘Local’s living next to Lowestoft’s £126.75m Gull Wing construction site have described how the constant noise and vibrations is impacting their everyday lives.’ Continuing disruption… Waveney Drive still closed… ‘Drainage relocationContinue reading “The Construction Site”


Yesterday our American friends celebrated thanksgiving…we went to London for the day. On the train I read ‘When We Were on Fire’ by Addie Zierman… Addie was an enthusiastic evangelical Chrisian teenager. She learnt to ‘give her testimony’: ‘The short polished account of one’s conversion to Christianity. It covers only the highlights of one’s faithContinue reading “Thanksgiving”