Give Me This Mountain (Caleb’s Song)

We have walked the wildernessAnd have proved Your faithfulnessAnd known Your presenceAnd some have stumbled on the wayBy grace alone, we’re here todayHere in Your presence I discovered this Graham Kendrick song recently. It’s about Caleb – one of my Bible-story-heroes. God said of him: ‘My servant Caleb has a different spirit and has followedContinue reading Give Me This Mountain (Caleb’s Song)

A Brand Snatched From The Fire

Yesterday… …At The Seagull Theatre I saw ‘Satellites’… Natalie Songer told the true story of two brothers, her great-uncles Uncle Cor and Uncle Tom were Dutch, young men when Germany invaded Holland in 1940. Both had fine scientific minds. Cor worked in a factory making radios and was eventually taken to a concentration camp whereContinue reading A Brand Snatched From The Fire

Struggles of the Body. Mind and Spirit.

Yesterday… …I read: ‘I’m a person who wants to do a lot of things trapped in a body that doesn’t’. …Considering the many garden jobs… 40 years ago I would have been well motivated and acted speedily. I put in a new fence panel – they seem to get heavier; I tidied up old tomatoContinue reading Struggles of the Body. Mind and Spirit.

Bless You

Blessed: ‘of enjoying happiness; or, bringing pleasure, contentment, or good fortune.’ (Merriam-Webster) We were in a restaurant recently. My wife, Rachel, sneezed. A waitress and a random customer said, ‘Bless you.’ We smiled. ‘Thank you.’ Rachel sneezed again… ‘Blessing’ a sneeze has been part of our culture for centuries. John Aubrey in his collection ofContinue reading Bless You

Don’t Have, Do Have.

Yesterday… …chatting to my friend Tom. Recently Tom’s had trouble with his hearing. Conversations have included ‘Eh?’ What?’ ‘Pardon?’ ‘Could you say that again please?’ Recently he’s purchased hearing aids. He doesn’t have so much money in his bank account or an excuse for not hearing his wife Jane; he does have much improved hearing.Continue reading “Don’t Have, Do Have.”

Co-curricular Activities

I’ve learnt another new word: ‘Co-curricular’. I know and understand ‘extra-curricular’ – activities outside the formal curriculum. Schools I worked in had an excellent variety – sport, music, drama, chess, dance, woodwork, greenhouse… that many pupils and staff enjoyed and benefited from. But co-curricular? I looked it up:  ‘Activities that are recognized by a schoolContinue reading Co-curricular Activities

Tears and Celebration

We see tears and celebration,for this life so dignified,bearing thanks and hearts of sadness,to the God of death and life.As he takes her to his promise,of an audience with the King,we remember all she gave us,wreaths of gratitude we bring. This new Andy Flannagan and Sam Hargreaves hymn, sung by Katherine Jenkins, is perfect forContinue reading Tears and Celebration

When Words Aren’t Enough

…Yesterday’s local paper… schools making impressive claims. For example: ‘A school where everyone strives for excellence every day… A vibrant and happy place with a fantastic group of young people and a wonderful team of staff who are committed to ensuring continuous improvement in a positive ‘can do’ culture, so that students have every opportunityContinue reading When Words Aren’t Enough