Father of the Fatherless

O father of the fatherlessIn whom all families are blessedI love the way you father me Musing on Graham Kendrick’s song… Today’s Father’s Day. King David described his God as ‘A father to the fatherless…’ Yesterday I was talking to Rebecca, who teaches 2-5 year-olds, about the effects of children growing up without the loveContinue reading “Father of the Fatherless”

Macbeth – The Handlebards

Last night we went to the Seagull Theatre and watched a unique presentation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth by ‘The Handlebards’. Pedalling from venue to venue with all of their set, props and costumes on the back of their bikes, three young women acted with energy, creativity and chaotic hilarity… Tragedy in a different light Musing onContinue reading “Macbeth – The Handlebards”

Patch Adams & Dependency

The last few weeks in our garden… families of squirrels, blackbirds, great tits and goldfinches come each day. We’ve watched small become bigger, young become older, dependent become independent. After two weeks of dry sunny days this morning it’s raining hard. Birds and squirrels don’t care. They come, they share the garden, they feed together.Continue reading “Patch Adams & Dependency”

Cricket, Football, Tennis, Boxing…

Yesterday was a good day for sports lovers. First England lost the cricket. It was something of a disaster. New Zealand beat Joe Root and his men pretty convincingly. Then England won the football – their first match of the Euros against Croatia. I enjoyed the performance – the young players, the Raheem Stirling goalContinue reading “Cricket, Football, Tennis, Boxing…”