Inclusion & Exclusion

Yesterday I was in Wetherspoons talking to Emily… ‘What does inclusion in church look like?’… ‘Should church be inclusive?’ When I was teaching our school was ‘comprehensive’. We welcomed everybody… identifying the strengths, weaknesses, gifts… providing a broad and balanced curriculum… allowing all to flourish. There were ‘Gifted and Talented’, those with ‘Special Educational Needs’…Continue reading “Inclusion & Exclusion”

Jumping To Conclusions

We’re watching the Sunday evening drama ‘Showtrial’ on BBC1. Talitha and Dhillon areon trial for the murder of student Hannah. The plot unfolds… evidence emerges… the viewer reaches conclusions. The character, family and background of Talitha and Dhillon are gradually revealed. We reach different conclusions. It’s the final episode next week… Musing… ‘Don’t jump toContinue reading “Jumping To Conclusions”

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Pete and I went to Norwich to watch the football on Saturday. Despite a poor start to the season we won 2-1! The headline in today’s match report says ‘Home is where the heart is…’ The article that follows includes: ‘…the home support…was not disappointed with a rip-roaring second-half display… the Canaries survival chances hingeContinue reading “Home Is Where The Heart Is”

Falling Through The Cracks

Last night was the annual ‘Children in Need’ charity extravaganza. Ed Sheeran, Graham Norton and many famous stars gathered and raised millions of pounds for disadvantaged children. Excellent. This weekend we have a full programme of sport – international rugby, football clubs with new managers. The focus will be on the stars… Our world celebratesContinue reading “Falling Through The Cracks”