Asking The Wrong Questions

Monday was cold and raining. I cycled to our Men’s Shed and got soaked. Something was odd… things looked different. ‘Are you OK?’ asked John. ‘I think so,’ I said; I knew things weren’t quite right. I asked myself, ‘Are you OK?’ John and I had both asked the wrong question. The question should haveContinue reading “Asking The Wrong Questions”

I Need Crossbars

Reading Exodus 26 – the instructions for making the tabernacle – the portable house of worship – a symbol of God’s presence with Israel. Skilfully woven blue, purple and scarlet curtains with pictures of cherubim worked into them were hung on wooden frames with silver bases and crossbars made of acacia wood…   Musing… ‘crossbars’…Continue reading “I Need Crossbars”

Putting the ‘Age’ in ‘Haulage’

Yesterday’s paper told of 90 year old trucker Brian Wilson who’s been driving HGVs for 70 years. Last month he passed his annual medical; he still works 5 days a week. The headline was ‘Trucker, 90, puts the ‘age’ in haulage’. Tuesday afternoon I was reading with cup of coffee in my hand. I noddedContinue reading “Putting the ‘Age’ in ‘Haulage’”

Treasures & Children

The blurb says: ‘This simple 6-cube storage solution allows you to display your favourite ornaments with pride.’ I assembled one for Pete’s bedroom. He now has a ‘storage solution’ to display his bits and pieces. Personal treasures on display. I’m reading ‘Treasure Island’. I’ve never read it before. The young hero, Jim Hawkins, discovers theContinue reading “Treasures & Children”

Sometimes I Just Don’t Know…

George worked with ‘Tin-leg Smiffy’ on the Lowestoft trawlers. Smiffy went to Grimsby by train to work on a trawler. He decided not to pay – and so jumped off the train as they were getting into Grimsby Station. A train was coming in the opposite direction and Smiffy lost his legs – becoming ‘Tin-legContinue reading “Sometimes I Just Don’t Know…”