When Belief Is Challenged

Yesterday we sat outside in the garden – sunshine, family, food – delightful. Today snowflakes are falling. The forecasters predicted it; I didn’t believe them. Part of our family get-together yesterday was our ‘traditional’ Easter Egg hunt – we hide chocolate eggs in the garden and the grandchildren find them. I wondered about the attitudeContinue reading “When Belief Is Challenged”

Easter Saturday

Unexplained: The headline reads: ‘Post boxes get crochet hats in new craze’. Lowestoft is being ‘hit by random acts of crochet kindness…mysteriously popping up all around the town’. We can’t explain adequately many random events – good ones of love, friendship or family, or sad ones of sickness, disappointment or bereavement. In the Easter narrative,Continue reading “Easter Saturday”

April 1st – April Fool!

I have happy memories of April 1st in school. Children trying to catch out teachers, teachers sending children for striped paint or a left-handed paint brush. In a maths lesson involving weighing activities I sent a particularly irritating young man to Mr Dodds, the science teacher for a long weight that we ‘needed’. He cameContinue reading “April 1st – April Fool!”

Travelling Purposefully – but not there yet

I’ve been walking this morning with David – beautiful sunshine, calm sea. He says we walked 12,116 steps and 9.31km. He’s walked each day through March, raising money for Prostate Cancer. He’s nearly reached his target of 600,000 steps, but isn’t there yet. Yesterday I went round to Annie’s house and rang the bell. TheContinue reading “Travelling Purposefully – but not there yet”

Cliff Richard

I’m going through my CDs, listening to each in turn and either keeping them or throwing them out. My CDs are alphabetical order. I’m up to ‘R’. Yesterday was ‘Cliff Richard: 40 Golden Greats’… Livin’ Doll, The Young Ones, Congratulations…. This morning’s local paper headline: ‘Summer Holiday!: When Sir Cliff Richard enjoyed trips on theContinue reading “Cliff Richard”

Smoke and Mirrors

Today, 29th March, we’re starting to see the relaxation of lockdown. Outdoor gatherings of up to six people or two households are allowed; outdoor sports facilities – tennis courts, football pitches and golf courses are cautiously reopening. Still no non-essential shops, barbers and hairdressers, cafes, pubs or restaurants, cinemas or theatres, international travel, non-essential overnightContinue reading “Smoke and Mirrors”