Fabba – Broadcast in Time.

Last night we watched Fabba, a theatre company for adults with learning disabilities. They meet every Monday at ‘The Seagull Theatre’ and put on several shows each year. Fabba’s latest show ‘Broadcast in time’, featured television scenes from the last 100 years, including England winning football’s World Cup, men landing on the moon, a SpiceContinue reading Fabba – Broadcast in Time.

Leadership – Tim, John & Kenny

Yesterday millions of Americans voted in midterm congressional elections. We’ve seen and heard President Biden and Donald Trump engaged in a divisive campaign… immigration, inflation, abortion, crime… World leaders and delegates from nearly 200 countries are at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt, discussing climate change… We’ve recently watched the elections in Brazil, constantly seenContinue reading Leadership – Tim, John & Kenny

Bags of Potential

Yesterday… …Granddaughter-Hannah posted these pictures. I looked up the definitions: Bags of: A large amount of Potential: The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or future success I believe that Hannah has a huge capacity for future success. I accept my prejudice but as proud grandfather I believe that’s acceptable. …Our Seagull Theatre posted:‘…weContinue reading Bags of Potential