Ordinary and Extraordinary People

Last night we watched television… We watched ‘Strictly Come Dancing – the results’: celebrities learning to dance… but they’re just ordinary people like us… I continue to be amazed by Rose Ayling-Ellis. This British actress, known for acting in EastEnders, is deaf and a British Sign Language user. This week her dance featured a periodContinue reading “Ordinary and Extraordinary People”

Wading Through Treacle – WTT

Mum always had a tin of ‘Golden Syrup’ in the cupboard for making puddings (not deserts then!) Treacle pudding – (not ‘syrup sponge’!) – and treacle tart. There was no talk of calories or tooth decay, just whether the custard was lumpy. The consistency of syrup/treacle was fascinating… sticky, thick…  later studying physics I learntContinue reading “Wading Through Treacle – WTT”

What Is Truth?

Musing… Pilate’s question to Jesus… ‘What is Truth?’… Discussions about climate change and covid bring the questions about truth. Scientists and politicians bring their answers. There’s ‘truth’ about the analysis of the problem and the perceived solution. Business leaders and economists speak with powerful voices; activists share their insights; reporters show us pictures of thoseContinue reading “What Is Truth?”

Origami… One Step At A Time

Eight-year-old grandson Luca came for tea last night. He brought his origami book. Carefully, patiently, he made a whale, a cup, a crown… Like Lego models, a recipe or flat-pack furniture… you get there one instruction, one diagram, one step at a time. A group of us last night were talking about living life oneContinue reading “Origami… One Step At A Time”

Learning From Our Mistakes

On Friday I had my haircut. Mike, the barber, had bought a car that kept going wrong. The garage that sold it to him were unwilling to sort out the problems. Mike’s very amusing but longwinded. It became complicated… ending with the car un-mended and Mike using foul and abusive language and threatening behaviour toContinue reading “Learning From Our Mistakes”

Wonderful Lord, Wonderful God

Wonderful Lord wonderful GodYou are my shield my protectorI can lie down go off to sleepKnowing you’re watching over me Musing on the Doug Horley children’s song… a song that speaks simply of God as a  shield, one who gives security. Any image of God is incomplete… this morning I was musing on Jesus sayingContinue reading “Wonderful Lord, Wonderful God”

Contributors and Consumers

Preparations are progressing well for ‘The Railway Children’, this year’s Christmas show at the Seagull Theatre. ‘Set in and around a country railway station at the turn of the twentieth century, the plight of the railway children grappling with their new environment is imaginatively brought to life for a modern audience…’ Contributors are preparing –Continue reading “Contributors and Consumers”