Doggie Analysis

…Brenda comes to ‘Singing for Health’ each week, in her wheel chair, with her dog Rosie on her lap; we always sing ‘How Much is that Doggie in the Window?’ in honour of Rosie.

The song illustrates what I shall call ‘Doggie Analysis’:

  • She knows what she wants: ‘The doggie in the window’
  • She knows what she doesn’t want: ‘I don’t want a bunny or a kittie…’
  • She’s prepared to pay the price: ‘I do hope that doggie’s for sale.’

Lowestoft Gull Wing Bridge… Two huge sections have arrived and been installed:

  • We want – better traffic flow, access across Lake Lothing, the bridge completed.
  • We don’t want – traffic congestion, further road closures or delays
  • We’re prepared to pay the price – temporary inconvenience, £126.75m…

There’s a surge in shoplifting… blamed on the cost of living crisis and drug issues:

  • People want – food, clothing…
  • They don’t want – hunger, going without
  • They’re prepared to pay the price – arrest, prosecution, a police record…

Bryan went for hospital tests on his prostate:

  • Bryan wants – reassurance, to know if there’s a problem, early treatment if necessary.
  • Bryan doesn’t want – anxiety of not knowing, the problem growing through inaction.
  • Bryan willingly paid the price – waiting patiently for an appointment, discomfort of the test, indignity of being watched by young students…

After a failed marriage, Hilary’s in a relationship with Andrew… He proposed to her…

  • Hilary wants – security for her children, a loving, stable relationship with Andrew.
  • Hilary doesn’t want – unhappy children, further distress, instability, insecurity.
  • Hilary’s prepared to pay the potentially risky price – she said ‘Yes’.

Each of Jesus’ encounters… with the blind beggar, Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, Peter, Judas… can be subject to doggie analysis.

Jesus announced his intentions in the Nazareth synagogue:

  • Jesus wants – good news, freedom, sight-recovery, release…
  • Jesus doesn’t want – poverty, prisoners, blindness, oppression…
  • Jesus was prepared to pay the price – service, humility, compassion, suffering…

And me…? I conduct my doggie analysis… what I want… don’t want… if I’m prepared to pay the price…

2 thoughts on “Doggie Analysis

  1. Hi Malcolm
    This is Marie – I’ve been helping Dad with his computer.
    We are changing his email from TalkTalk to

    Can you please change to that email address for the musings please?

    Would you mind also letting other London Road emailers know please?

    Many thanks



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