Led Like a Lamb

Led like a lamb to the slaughter
In silence and shame
There on Your back You carried a world
Of violence and pain
Bleeding, dying
Bleeding, dying

From the ‘You’re Alive!’ of Easter we look back to how we got here. We pause and remember the events of Good Friday… Jesus’ crucifixion and death… the suffering servant, the sacrificial lamb… ‘Why have you forsaken me?’… violence, humiliation, apparent hopelessness…

…I see Jesus identifying with my pain and brokenness… I see Jesus carrying my pain and brokenness… I see Jesus healing my pain and brokenness

At break of dawn, poor Mary
Still weeping she came
When through her grief she heard Your voice
Now speaking her name
Mary, Master
Mary, Master

From the ‘You’re Alive!’ of Easter we consider the Easter Sunday narrative. We pause and remember the stone rolled away… the empty tomb with angels… ‘He is not here; he is risen’… appearances of the resurrected Jesus… particularly to Mary Magdalene – the least likely… surprise, life, joy, hope…

…I see Jesus breaking through my hopelessness, despair, tears… I see Jesus coming to me, the least likely, calling me by name… I see Jesus with me through my pain and suffering, removing my fear of death.

At the right hand of the Father
Now seated on high
You have begun Your eternal reign
Of justice and joy
Glory, glory
Glory, glory

From the ‘You’re Alive!’ of Easter we look forward to a heavenly scene. We pause and remember the constant, consistent loving Father… an ever-living Jesus… ‘I go to prepare a place for you’… final resolution, justice restored… ‘Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory’… no tears, no pain, no regrets.

…I see Jesus eternal strength reassuring, restoring, re-energising me… I see Jesus renewing my joy, hope worship…  I see Jesus leading me through this life to the next.

You’re alive, You’re alive, You have risen
And the power and the glory is given
Alleluia, Jesus, to You

4 thoughts on “Led Like a Lamb

  1. AMEN.
    Thank you Malcolm for your daily blogs. I continue to find them frequently challenging and very often uplifting.
    Many blessings

    Liked by 1 person

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