But For Now…

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Yesterday was our music for wellbeing group at The Seagull Theatre. Helen led us through a super afternoon with fantastic Easter bonnets, themed songs, chocolate eggs and 4 birthdays to celebrate.

One song we sing every week is ‘Worried Man’; it’s one gent’s favourite:

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
It takes a worried man to sing a worried song
I’m worried now
But I won’t be worried long

‘Worried Man’ originates from the time when African Americans could be arrested and imprisoned for the crime of ‘vagrancy’, which meant being unemployed. The song tells the story of a free man who’s arrested, chained and imprisoned for no apparent crime.

He was free; he will be worry-free… but for now he’s incarcerated and worried.

We were chatting to some friends who’d seen pictures of granddaughter-Hannah’s 18th birthday: ‘How she’s grown up!’ They haven’t seen her for a few years. ‘What’s she hoping to do?’ We talked about her plans to go to Canterbury University in September.

Hannah was a little girl; soon she’ll leave home and go to university… but for now she has her driving test… A-level exams… summer holiday job…

A lot of us pass through ‘but for now’ times…

…Tim’s had his heart surgery; soon he hopes that he will be fully recovered… But for now he’s at home recuperating.

…Chris is training for a half marathon in a few weeks’ time; he’s hoping for a personal best… But for now he’s working hard on his training schedule.

Today is Holy Saturday. Churches throughout the world will remember… Yesterday was Good Friday – with suffering, death, darkness, crosses… a day of sadness and despair. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday – with life, eggs, light, resurrection… a day of joy, celebration and hope.

But for now it’s Saturday… the day of waiting, silence, uncertainty, nothing seems to be happening… the day between conflict and resolution… when ‘I’m worried now, but I won’t be worried long.’

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