Forever And Ever Amen

Yesterday church was full for our Easter Sunday service… young families coming for the first time, older folk who’ve been coming for many years…

…Eating bacon rolls, drinking coffee… enjoying dancing puppets and dancing children… singing with smiles and enthusiasm… remembering the sadness of death and Good Friday… rejoicing in the joy of resurrection and Easter Sunday…

We prayed: ‘Forever and ever, Amen.’ Many responded to the challenge to complete their sentence: ‘Because Jesus is alive I can…’

I appreciated many conversations… young people making important decisions… adults going through muddled and troubled times… good ordinary people… the usual stuff, but important to them and me.

We returned home to family lunch… eight of us giving and receiving gifts… grown-up grandchildren insisting on an Easter Egg hunt… Rachel preparing and cooking food… catching up, eating, drinking, laughing. We went for a walk to get fresh air and aid our digestion…

…I read a bit, answered a few emails, listened to the Petersens sing ‘Forever and Ever, Amen’… an old Randy Travis song about the loving relationship between two people…

Musing… valuing the variety of different, special relationships I have with individuals in the church family, my personal family…

The Easter narrative of Jesus and Mary in the garden recurred… There were crowds on Palm Sunday, in the temple table-turning, at the trial, observing the crucifixion… But here Jesus prioritises one relationship, one apparently obscure woman: ‘Why are you weeping? What are you looking for?’

If you wonder how long I’ll be faithful
I’ll be happy to tell you again
I’m gonna love you forever and ever
Forever and ever, amen

Jesus’ words to Mary? Mary’s response to Jesus?

Musing… my love and commitment to individuals – my friends and family… the Jesus who shows his love and commitment to me, asking directly ‘Why are you weeping? What are you looking for?’… my response in my love and commitment to him.

I’m gonna love you forever and ever
Forever and ever, amen.

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