Why? Why? Why? Why?


…I saw this hot cross buns advert. Marks and Spencer’s? They must be good then…

But why do good traditional hot cross buns have to be spoilt with cheese, chocolate, bananas or toffee? I’m a huge fan of cheese, chocolate, bananas and toffee in their right place but they have no place in a hot cross bun.

Why do good things have to change, good traditions have to be altered?…

It’s the ‘why’ of change.

We watched ‘Matilda’ performed by a local youth theatre group. It was an excellent production. My favourite song is ‘When I Grow Up’:

When I grow up
I will be brave enough to fight the creatures
That you have to fight beneath the bed
Each night to be a grown up

I’m left asking: ‘Why must children wait until their grown up?’ This isn’t just children… Why must I wait? Why don’t good things happen straightaway? Why can’t things be sorted out now?

It’s the ‘why’ of waiting.

…We watched the end of the England-Brazil women’s football… Brazilian son-in-law Allan and grandson Zak were there at Wembley. It looked to be a good match, played with skill and passion. It finished 1-1.

Why did it have to go to penalties to decide a winner? Why couldn’t they settle for an honourable draw?

Why can’t I accept that sometimes perhaps there isn’t a winner? Why is life always a competition? Why can I only feel good if I’ve won? Is it OK to lose?

It’s the ‘why’ of competition.

Today’s Good Friday. We remember Jesus trial, suffering, crucifixion, cry from the cross: ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’

Why does Jesus feel forsaken by his loving Father-God? Why do good people suffer and die? Why are there outrageous personal injustices?

It’s the ‘why’ of suffering.

Musing… I ask my personal difficult, unanswered ‘why’ questions… about change, waiting, competition, suffering… and I realise that Good Friday has something so say about them all…  

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