Sometimes I Just Don’t Know…

George worked with ‘Tin-leg Smiffy’ on the Lowestoft trawlers.

Smiffy went to Grimsby by train to work on a trawler. He decided not to pay – and so jumped off the train as they were getting into Grimsby Station. A train was coming in the opposite direction and Smiffy lost his legs – becoming ‘Tin-leg Smiffy’.

There was humour, gore, tin legs, disability, subsequent drunken adventures… Was Smiffy getting what he deserved or a brave man overcoming the odds?

Jack recently attended a funeral. Jack’s a large man who has to walk with two sticks.

The crematorium was packed. Jack saw a vacant seat; there were two ladies sitting in the middle of the row, blocking his access: ‘Could you possibly move along please?’ Jack asked.

‘No – these are our favourite seats,’ they replied… Was Jack or the women being unreasonable? Favourite seats at a crematorium?  

Manuel’s a 50 stone heart attack victim from West London.

More than 25 firefighters, 15 paramedics, five cops and an urban search and rescue team spent 17 hours smashing down a wall, getting Manuel out of his flat, in an estimated £10,000 operation.

Questions about justice, empathy, responsibility, practical details, immediate and long term needs…?

Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt. I enjoy… God promising to guide his people through the desert by cloud and fire… God saying ‘Don’t be afraid, be still, I’m on your side’

The angel of death killing the oldest son in every Egyptian family and then the Egyptian army drowning isn’t so comfortable…

I have many respected friends… in schools, with clear opinions about educational and social matters… at Men’s Shed, with strong political views… at church, with authority about truth. I hear easy answers to difficult questions, opinions presented as facts, uncharitable opposition to differing views.

Sometimes I just don’t  know… Musing on James’s advice: ‘If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God… Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.’

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