You stepped down from heaven, humbly you came
God of all creation here with us
In a starlit manger, Emmanuel
Light of the world here to save

Some think that Christmas is about presents, eating and drinking, traditions, relaxing, having a good time… Some look for a deeper meaning in family, love, special moments, memories of past Christmases, hope…

Christian faith focuses unashamedly on Jesus, the creator God coming as a baby, light for the world, God with us.

Adore, come let us adore
O come let us adore him
The lord, worship Christ the Lord
Let all that is within me adore

We retell the familiar story. Shepherds come – ordinary poor excluded workers… Wise men, foreigners, educated religious historians, seek for truth… Angels bring the super-natural, the God involvement…

We’re invited to leave the world of turkey and festivities to become visitors, truth-seekers, believing the apparently unbelievable,

Wise men bring their treasures, shepherds bow low
Angels voices sing of peace on earth
What have I to offer to heaven’s king
I will bring my life, my love, my all

We’re story-tellers, re-telling the ancient story. We move closer, becoming fascinated voyeurs, observing from a distance. Stepping inside the stable we become an audience, witnessing the whole drama, emotionally involved.

But then I discover that I’m invited to become part of the drama. I’m an actor, bringing my worship, my life and love. I find that the actor becomes the real me and the baby of Bethlehem and my life merge into a greater reality.

Angels sing, praises ring to the new-born king
Peace on earth here with us joy awakening
At your feet we fall

So today, Christmas Day, I pause to muse… am I a visitor or truth-seeker… a story-teller, voyeur, audience or actor… or am I involved in a new permanent, life-changing reality?

Adore, come let us adore
O come let us adore him
The lord, worship Christ the Lord
Let all that is within me adore

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