Lonely this Christmas

Try to imagine a house that’s not a home
Try to imagine a Christmas all alone….

It’ll be lonely this Christmas
Without you to hold
It’ll be lonely this Christmas
Lonely and cold…

Each Christmas we hear Bing Crosby, The Pogues, Johnny Mathis, Band Aid… and ‘Mud’, singing about memories, emptiness and Christmas loneliness.

Our friend Ben wrote in yesterday’s Lowestoft Journal, about the ‘Campaign To End Loneliness’ that states:

‘Loneliness affects people of all ages and backgrounds and touches the lives of millions. It causes real emotional pain and can impact on physical and mental health.’

Their research demonstrates that loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, worse for you than obesity… increasing the risk of developing coronary heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure…

Research from the ‘Single Friendly Church’ concludes that single people often feel excluded because church services and activities, particularly at Christmas, focus on families,

Young single adults, struggling single parents, those whose children are spending Christmas with their other parent, those who desperately want a family but don’t have one… unattached, divorced, elderly, bereaved… all can be alone at Christmas…

Yesterday I was drinking coffee and hot chocolate in The Jolly Sailors with my friend Stuart. He described his colleague Paul, a delivery driver…

…After a divorce and a failed relationship Paul will be alone this Christmas. He has a brother and Dad who live locally but won’t invite him to join them. Paul had explained to Stuart that he will spend Christmas alone, behind closed curtains, with a pot-noodle…

Musing… I know…

…tomorrow, Christmas Day, there will be 11 of us. We shall have a lovely time.

…the Christmas story of Jesus, Emanuel, God with us, bringing good news to the poor, peace to the troubled, friendship to the lonely…

…churches that should be accepting, welcoming, inclusive and warm can be intimidating and isolating.

…my understanding of the need and Christian theory doesn’t always match my response.

4 thoughts on “Lonely this Christmas

  1. “…my understanding of the need and Christian theory doesn’t always match my response.” . . . a far to often regret I have, but Abba always eventually provides another opportunity to respond in the Christian theory of His love.

    Be blessed in tomorrow’s Christmas gathering of 11 grateful souls brother.

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  2. Our wonderful church has many members who are students at the seminary, including international students who can’t make it home for Christmas, and of course, the singles, estranged, and widowed. Each year the church emailing system makes two lists – people who need a place to go for Christmas and families willing to open their homes and set one or more extra places at the table. Like so many other things this precious fellowship does, it’s what they believe Jesus would want them to do. (I think they’re right.♥️)


  3. Thanks, Ann
    What you do at your church sounds great. We do it more informally…. perhaps we should try a more organised approach in the future. I’m sure you’re right about doing things the way Jesus would want… I was chatting to a friend who cooked a meal at their church for all who would be alone – that was popular and well received…


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