Football Musings…

Friday’s local paper announced that local firm, Harrod Sport, is supplying the goals for the 2022 World Cup. The goals in the 8 stadiums and 32 training venues across Qatar have all come from a factory less than a mile away!

Harrods supplied sports equipment the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and many world events… Fifteen 40ft containers containing 400 football goals have been shipped from the Lowestoft factory to Qatar… to be seen by an anticipated 4 billion viewers!

On Saturday we watched the football at Norwich; a lovely day. We sat next to a man and his daughter from Stansted. Daughter’s studying at university and is a Norwich fan; lovely conversations. In the first half hour we played good football, were leading 1-0 and were well on top. Lovely.

The loveliness stopped. A poor second half, we finished losing 2-1; there were many grumpy disgruntled fans.

Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday. November 1st was All Saints Day … I remembered the four elders of the church I was brought up in. Each had come through the Second World War; each had a significant impact on my life…

…One elder, Mr V, took me to my first professional football match at Crystal Palace; we played football with him; it was Mr V. who I talked to, as a young teenager, about faith…

Yesterday evening we watched Strictly Come Dancing. Ex-professional footballer Tony Adams was eliminated. As a footballer he was tough, strong, ruthless. As a dancer he was humble, gracious, self-effacing, appreciative – a real gentleman.

Last night in his emotional ‘farewell speech’ he touched on his battle with addiction and mental health: ‘I came in here with one message. If you’ve got an issue with mental health or an addiction issue, please don’t suffer in silence, reach out for help…’

Musing… Football?

…Harrods?  A business opportunity.

…Norwich City? An entertaining but frustrating passion.

…Mr V? A demonstration of Christian kindness to young people.

…Tony Adams? A platform, sharing his message about mental health.

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