Bless Our Show

Today is Remembrance Sunday. There will be services up and down the country remembering those who have died in war. Stories will be told, familiar music played and hymns sung. There will be prayers about our nation and the world, conflict and reconciliation, bereavement and loss, service and sacrifice. These are big issues; for those with faith they’re big prayers.

In contrast my Sunday Song is a different sort of prayer.

It’s the night before the show. The nuns’ choir is to sing before the Pope. They pray for God’s help in the ordinary things in life, the details, the props, costumes, sequins, lights, microphones… that all will be the best.

Let our voices gleam and glisten!
Grant us strength to sing our best!
And let all of those who listen
Feel they too are truly blessed!

They pray for themselves – that they will be the best they can be and that through them others will be blessed.

Bless our love and our friendship,
May it somehow be enough.
Most of all, keep us smiling
While we’re strutting all our stuff.
Let us lift one another…

They pray for love, care and support for each other – that through the ordinary and every-day they will be a blessing to each other.

When you go home, Tell them of us and say, For your tomorrow, We gave our to-day.’ As I attend church this morning I shall wear my poppy and remember, praying for peace, harmony and justice throughout the world.

‘Give us this day our daily bread…’ I shall remember a God who’s concerned about the smallest details – the ordinary and the apparently insignificant. I shall pray for love, friendship, that we – that I – shall be our best and a blessing to each other.

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