Creating Good News

We often seem to be drowning in bad news. There’s been the pandemic, persistent political conflict, war, financial struggles… vital parts of society seem to be falling apart…

So… seeking good news…

I enjoyed the story of a Norwich teacher… Sara Gray was woken up on Wednesday morning by a firefighter, breaking into her house with a pickaxe, telling her to evacuate her property.

Standing on her doorstep Sara saw other firefighters entering a property a few doors down. Sara’s firefighter had entered the wrong house!

Is that good news?

Pakefield Riding School has been honoured as one of the three best riding schools in the country. 90-year-old Tess Hardy, its owner and proprietor won the ‘Lifetime achievement award’ for her services in the equine industry.

Mrs Hardy founded the school in 1946; she’s still actively involved. Since 1968 she’s taught disabled people… now about 50 disabled children and adults attend her school. On our local streets, on the beach we often see her horses and riders…

Certainly Good News.

Topcats, a local charity for young people and adults with additional and complex needs, has 85 youngsters on its books. It provides fun and friendships in a safe, welcoming environment, developing self-confidence, independence and life skills.

Topcats’ plans to update its outside area, develop a ‘safe space’, create a purpose-built arts and craft studio… Manager, Anne Marie Battrick, said, ‘We are really proud of what we do as Topcats is a great place… we are just like one big family.’

Good people, doing good work, creating good news.

Brian McLaren says:

‘…our religion is nothing but hot air if we don’t translate our faith into action in regard to the vulnerable and easily forgotten around us. So the Spirit invites us to conspire for the well-being of orphans, widows, undocumented aliens, refugees, prisoners, people with special needs, the sick, the poor, the homeless, the uneducated, the unskilled, the unemployed and the underpaid.’

Such a conspiracy will create more good news!

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