Fabba – Broadcast in Time.

Last night we watched Fabba, a theatre company for adults with learning disabilities. They meet every Monday at ‘The Seagull Theatre’ and put on several shows each year.

Fabba’s latest show ‘Broadcast in time’, featured television scenes from the last 100 years, including England winning football’s World Cup, men landing on the moon, a Spice Girls and Take That dance off, Boris…

It was an excellent, entertaining show, containing drama, music, dance and lots of laughter.

…Inclusion: The show included people of differing abilities. I particularly watched Trevor, who’s been part of our church family for 20 years. At church he takes up the offering and chats to people.

Last night Trevor was acting, singing and dancing – included and rightly proud of his achievements.

…Standards: As a teacher I was often frustrated by imposed standards that children were required to reach. The level of attainment was important, but capabilities, potential and effort were often more important.

Last night’s audience really appreciated the performers efforts and achievements.

…Normality: I’ve lived a relatively healthy and settled life. Recently my view of ‘normality’ has been challenged. Friends and family have experience bereavement, life-limiting illness, relationship breakdown…

Last night, watching 22 adults with learning disabilities, challenged me again as to what is ‘normal’.

…Vocation: Last night’s news included questions and discussions about politicians, and nurses… those called to serve others, those whose work is their vocation.

At the end of the show Louise, who leads Fabba, talked with enthusiasm about the privilege of doing a job she loves, how much she enjoys working with such amazing people…

Perspective: World War II was scenes in the show were performed with understanding and sensitivity. They reminded us that today, 11th November, is Armistice Day.

Fresh perspectives on war and peace, life and death, joy and sadness, ability and disability… awareness of need, not avoiding the inconvenient, welcome and acceptance…

…The show included: ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…’

4 thoughts on “Fabba – Broadcast in Time.

  1. I used to do stage makeup with FABBA GY in Great Yarmouth… only leaving due to relocation.
    Your piece mirrored my own experience of working with their amazing performers. It made me reevaluate life and what is actually important. I hope your article gets seen, and the value of what FABBA are doing is recognised by those in charge of funding and such. Well done FABULOUS FABBA!


  2. Thank you for your kind words Malcolm. We posted your blog review in our Fabba Facebook page. Eva from Fabba.


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