I smile when advertisers use the term ‘pre-loved’ to avoid describing an item as ‘second-hand’. A pre-loved wedding dress must be better than a second-hand one; pre-loved toys sound more attractive than second-hand toys.

I’ve bought many pre-loved books. Recently these have included Pinocchio, The Railway Children… To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice And Men… books that I should have read before.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ arrived yesterday. ‘Keziah Greatorex’ had written her name in the front and certainly pre-loved it – with multicoloured highlighter pens and extensive notes in the margins!

Pre-loved clothes, cars, furniture, pets… were loved once, but they’re no longer loved… The hope is that they can be loved again.

This image is used repeatedly in the Bible. The once loved wife, left deserted and distressed, who finds new love… that nation moving from good times, through bad times, back to good times… the journey from love, through rejection, to redemption and renewed love.

Stories of Joseph, Ruth, David, the Israelite nation… ‘The Prodigal Son’: pre-loved by his family, he rejects that love and leaves home, but discovers new love on his return.

I’ve chatted with two friends this week…

…Kate’s husband was increasingly controlling. Following a period of distress and unhappiness they divorced. Kate’s now happy and settled with her two teenage daughters. She has a new partner, Steve, who also has two daughters. He’s also been through difficult times… It’s not easy, but they’re making plans for the future.

…Dave was a respected Christian. His marriage and life fell apart. It took a long while for him to put his life back together again. After many years alone and a few failed relationships he’s found love again. Laura has suffered bereavement and mental health issues, but with care and patience they seem to be finding love and happiness together.

Both Kate and Dave have been pre-loved. Both went through tough times. I hope and pray with them that their new love is deeper, stronger and lasting.

13 thoughts on “Pre-loved

    1. Thanks Mitch. It seems to me that some people come through the difficulties in their lives richer, stronger, and with a deeper appreciation of love that some of us take for granted… so ‘pre-loved is turned from failure into success…


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    My Featured Blogger this week is Malcolm of Malcom’s Musings. I don’t know Malcolm’s last name (pretty sure it’s not “Musings”), but I do feel I know his heart — and it’s a ringer. Malcom’s posts shine with compassion and a good deal of wisdom; he’s a retired teacher. But then he’s still teaching through his blog — and that’s a ringer too, btw. Read on!


    1. Thanks Mitch. That’s very kind of you… You’re absolutely right – my last name isn’t ‘Musings’ … but musing and writing are skills I’m seeking to learn each day. If you’d like to email me on my email address on ‘contacts’ I can tell you more of my story.


    1. Thanks Karla… I guess some of the thoughts behind the writing come from friends who felt they had failed in relationships, and yet discovered that being ‘pre-loved’ was OK and led them forward to the next scene in their drama


  2. I’m so happy Mitch shared your blog with us Malcolm. I enjoy your musings and musings is exactly how it feels as you gently combine thoughts and share them. A lovely post.


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