Alec & Carole – Doing Things Together

Yesterday evening we enjoyed sharing with Alec and Carole, celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary. About 40 of us had a meal together at a local hotel.

They had a congratulations card from the queen, a special cake and Alec made a speech – in his inimitable style. He described their ‘courting’, wedding on 21st June 1962, honeymoon in London, and then him returning to complete his national military service.

He said that the most important part of their 60 years of married life is ‘We’ve always done things together.’

Musing… ‘Doing things together…’

A group of people come together for a particular purpose. The activity is important – doing something valued and valuable. But it’s the togetherness that makes it special. People helping, supporting, getting to know each other; individuals forgetting their personal problems and needs, instead focusing on working with and supporting each other.

Musing… the best, most memorable, enjoyable, valuable, perhaps successful, times in my life…  the school grand concert or production, the church holiday club, Men’s Shed projects, the family holiday… the family funeral. ‘Doing things together.’

Musing… It was together that Jesus’ disciples shared their grief after his death… were encouraged by his resurrection… received His Spirit and the power to do things…

I enjoyed Alec’s speech last night, recalling some of the things that he and Carole had done together – particularly in his many years as our church Boys Brigade captain. They’ve lived very active lives in work, church and family. They’ve been an example to us all of ‘doing things together’.

Several times Alec turned to Carole for a prompt because he’d forgotten something. They’re not as physically active as they were. They’re an example not only of ‘doing things together’ but also ‘getting old together’.

I looked round the room. A number of ‘older’ people. Married couples, bereaved singles who show me that ‘getting old together’ is not about passively sitting in heaven’s waiting room but actively and positively living, sharing and ‘doing things together’.     

6 thoughts on “Alec & Carole – Doing Things Together

  1. What a wonderful Musings today. Alec and Carole are such a loving and faithful couple and it brought back to me so many beautiful and fond memories of such a wonderful couple. If you don’t mind could you please pass on my best wishes to them when you see them next Malcolm? They are probably not aware just how much my own faith has been strengthened and enhanced by their fine example of friendship, kindness and acceptance of all people. They have been a big influence in so many lives over the years for the good they foster and I feel privileged to be one of those individuals that has been influenced by their friendship and kindness, along with their Christian faith and love.


  2. Wow. In these times we live in so much is transient…people relocate frequently, and relationships begin and end quickly when people make unwise decisions, or haven’t the mettle to remain through tough times. So this post is beyond lovely, a testimony of perhaps how things should be–can be, if we keep God in the center of who we are and all that we do. Blessings to you, Sir.


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