Recurring Positives

When I was a teacher I taught recurring decimals; English teachers talked about recurring themes in books; textile design teachers described recurring patterns on fabrics…

At Men’s Shed yesterday we were chatting about politics, holidays, wives… Martin said: ‘My wife Cathy always…’ With family and friends that we know well, we expect certain words, attitudes and behaviour…

In our family we all know about ‘Granny’s roast dinners’ or ‘Grandad’s jokes’. Both are consistent in their quality… good and bad respectively. Both recur regularly, resulting in Granny and Grandad’s appropriate reputations.

Some recurring actions, attitudes and behaviours aren’t desirable, good or helpful… bad habits that I return to but wish I didn’t… friends battling against addictions… repeated nightmares… returning sad or harmful memories…

Yesterday I wrote about Alec and Carole. There was much positive feedback. Chris wrote:

‘Alec and Carole are such a loving and faithful couple… They are probably not aware just how much my own faith has been strengthened and enhanced by their fine example of friendship, kindness and acceptance of all people. They have been a big influence in so many lives over the years for the good they foster…’ Recurring positives.

It’s Maya’s 8th birthday today. Her mum Esther wrote:

We love so much the person you are becoming: so kind and perceptive, hilarious, sassy, loud, sensitive, caring, fragile, beautiful, and intelligent. We love how you love to sing, dance, be with your friends & Elise, create, debate, work things out, try new things, express your opinions, cuddle and laugh!

Maya’s delightful developing character… Recurring positives.

Musing… When I was in Sunday School we sung ‘Read your Bible, pray every day if you want to grow.’ St Paul said: ‘Let us not become weary in doing good…let us do good to all people.’ He talked about the efforts of soldiers, athletes and farmers… Recurring positives.

Musing… recurring positives in my life?

And if anyone would like to do today’s maths homework I’ll happily mark it!

Alec & Carole

4 thoughts on “Recurring Positives

  1. As always Malcolm, thank you for your daily Thoughts and Views.

    Very tempted to do the maths homework, but have a feeling your Red Pen may be required !!


  2. I majored in English, and mathematics were a Trial! Recurring themes…I do eagerly read my Bible and pray each day. But I have recurring negatives–like my tendency to be grumpy before there’s any reason…so I end up having to apologize a lot, which is a recurring positive! I constantly rely on the verse that says we’re being transformed from glory to glory as we behold JESUS–since I daily behold Him, I have hope! God bless you and your family, Sir. 🙂


  3. Thanks for that thoughtful response. I guess we all have recurring positives and negatives… and we seek to ‘accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative’.
    As for being transformed from glory to glory…. I guess that implies we have some glory already! May God bless you too.


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