Marta… Enjoying, Deciding, Thinking!

Yesterday our holiday ended. We left our hotel and travelled to Munich. From there the 48 of us who had spent a week together flew home – to Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and London…

We’d spent a week in the expert hands of our Polish guide Marta who did much of thinking for us… helping us enjoy our week… making decisions about our immediate needs and priorities… always thinking 3 steps ahead.

She was constantly counting to ensure all 48 of us were present, referring to us as her ‘chickens’ – in her delightful Polish accent. I was amused – she was at least 25 years younger than most of us!

I mused several times on Jesus referring to himself as a hen gathering his chicks together….

After a delayed flight and challenging trains we finally arrived home yesterday evening after 13 hours travelling. Daughter Jo met us at Lowestoft Station and we were soon in bed…

We’re now having to get our heads straight. Down to Earth with a significant Bump!… the case is empty, the washing in…

We have a busy week ahead. There’s letters and emails to reply to… further news of friends who are sick… family responsibilities… jobs to be done in the garden and house… I’ve already a list of 20 things to do and the diary’s pretty full.

We don’t have a Marta to help us enjoy our week… making decisions about our immediate needs and priorities… thinking 3 steps ahead. We’ll have to do it for ourselves!   

Musing on…

…The God who wants to live alongside us in our enjoyment of life, helping us in our priorities and planning.

…Marta’s mother hen with her chickens… and Jesus’ actual words: ‘I have longed to gather (you} together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.’ (Luke 23:34)

…Living my chicken life this week – enjoying, deciding, planning – I choose to be willing for my God to be the caring mother hen.

4 thoughts on “Marta… Enjoying, Deciding, Thinking!

  1. Oh wow, this is wonderful! I love that you connected Marta’s “chickens” with our Lord’s “chicks”. Indeed, He desires to accompany us throughout each day–and I’m grateful and delighted He does! Hope you can rest up a bit before tackling your to-do list 🙂


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