I, Being Of Sound Mind,…

Dante Marvin

We need to review our wills. We keep putting it off…

Musing…‘I, being of sound mind, do hereby declare…’

On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ last weekend cheerful, cheeky, charming, 13-year-old Dante Marvin performed a comedy song about his illness.

‘I was born with brittle bone disease. I have broken 97 bones so far. I’ve come on Britain’s Got Talent to show other people like myself that even if you’ve got some sort of disability or disadvantage you can go as far as your imagination wants to take you.’

Dante’s body’s confined to a wheel chair; he’s certainly ‘of sound mind’!

Yesterday in our local paper: ‘Plans have been unveiled to open a third McDonalds… The plans show the new restaurant, with drive-through facilities, parking spaces for almost 60 vehicles…’

Our local McDonalds drive-through has recently been re-furbished. A year ago a second was opened in South Lowestoft…

I’m imagining the chief planning officer: ‘I, being of a sound mind, declare that Lowestoft needs a third drive-through McDonalds…’

Yesterday I talked with our friend Kim about her ‘Advanced Directive’. Last year she wrote:

‘I, Kim, have lived with an eating disorder for over 20 years… I believe that I have a clear understanding of my current physical, psychological and spiritual condition, and also what could happen in the future…’

‘Being of sound mind’ Kim’s made careful plans for her future care…

King David is about to die. He’s had a rich and varied life – as shepherd, soldier, friend, lover, musician, husband, father, king…

‘Yours O Lord is the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory… Everything in the heavens and on earth are yours… at your discretion people are made great and given strength…

But who am I, and who are my people… Everything we have has come from you… We are here for only a moment… Our days on earth are like a passing shadow…’ (1Chronicles 29)

Musing… ‘Being of sound mind’ involves seeing myself and my God in clear perspective…


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