New Beginnings, New Hope.

Jason’s baptism

It was our Easter service yesterday. The church was packed with people of all ages. The service included Jason’s baptism. He told his story, sharing his dark times and struggle with addiction.

Earlier this year he moved to ‘Hope House’, a safe environment for men who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. He described how he attended an Alpha Course and came to faith. Jason has a new home, new friends, new faith… new beginning, new hope.

The news reports from Ukraine continue to be painful and distressing. A group of friends decided to help Ukrainian refugees coming to Lowestoft. They linked up with other local folk hosting and supporting.

We decided to join them – preparing ‘welcome packs’ for folks when they arrive. The first was delivered last week: ‘My wonderful Ukrainian lady was very happy with the amazing welcome gift from you wonderful people.’ We think there are 75 more to come…

From destruction and despair to little Lowestoft… New beginnings, new hope.

We’ve known Anna for many years. Life hasn’t always been straightforward for Anna. 3 years ago she married Simon. We attended their lovely wedding…

Last week Anna and Simon celebrated the arrival of their beautiful daughter ‘Eden Essie’ A new life! New happiness, new responsibilities, a wonderful new beginning, new hope.

Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York, delivered his Easter sermon yesterday, concluding:

‘This is what the Easter faith is all about… New beginnings. New hope. A new way of living. A new way of inhabiting the earth…

‘We, the Easter people, respond like this: with hopefulness, with compassion, with a new vision for the world. We break out the champagne; we send out for curry; we dress up to the nines; we put flowers in our hair (if we’ve got any that is); we eat chocolate and oysters and dance the night away.

Ah, that is what Jesus did when he rose from the dead. He danced the night away. We must do this too.’

Eden – with Anna and Simon

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings, New Hope.

  1. Not in the same vain or power as the Easter Events, the Ukraine situation, or Jason’s Baptism, but don’t think I have said over the past few weeks, son Mark has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes over recent days. He had not been feeling well for several weeks. So in a way, a new and unexpected, beginning for him and us as a family. Something we will have to learn to live with, and work together, as a family also. We are meeting with Mark and Sharon’s this afternoon. Hopefully we will eat some chocolate and have a good time. Champagne, Oysters, or partying all night, not so sure, but never know, retired now !!!


  2. Sorry to hear about Mark’s diagnosis. Certainly learning to live with it is a ‘new beginning’ for him and family… along with the ‘new beginning’ of retirement! Don’t party to hard!


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