Crime, Punishment And Undeserved Suffering

I open today’s paper… Norwich Crown court: ‘A man who subjected his former partner to years of coercive control before grabbing her throat and knocking her unconscious during a vicious attack has been jailed for three years.’

The story makes difficult reading.

Musing… remembering the song from Gilbert & Sulivan’s Mikado:

My object all sublime I shall achieve in time — To let the punishment fit the crime —The punishment fit the crime

Did the ‘punishment fit the crime’?…

I read on… Boris Johnson’s fine from ‘Partygate’… Our local MP had previously called for his resignation: ‘…Mr Aldous said he was taking stock before making further comments but said his position had not changed.’

Crime… punishment?

Ali Harbi Ali, convicted of the murder of MP Sir David Amess, has been sentenced to a whole-life prison term.

Does this ‘punishment fit the crime’?

The Amess family’s response: ‘There is no elation in our family today following this sentencing. Our amazing husband and father has been taken from us in an appalling and violent manner. Nothing will ever compensate for that.’

The family’s undeserved suffering…

I read on… stories of further bombings, destruction, refugees from the war in Ukraine… a local family, with a terminally ill seven-year-old daughter, can’t afford to heat their home… deaths and homelessness following the heavy rains and floods in South Africa… childhood sexual abuse survivors share their stories in a Norwich exhibition…

Undeserved suffering – locally and internationally…

Musing… Today it’s Good Friday … Christians throughout the world remember the crucifixion and death of Jesus – a man receiving brutal punishment but with no crime… a man who experienced undeserved suffering.

I know that the Jesus story has a happy ending, but today I’m musing on the Good Friday narrative… corrupt power… innocent suffering… mental and physical pain… rejection, isolation, victimisation… death, grief, bereavement… helplessness, hopelessness… troubles with no apparent solution… unresolved conflict…

Musing… the old Spiritual ‘They crucified my Lord, and he never said a mumbalin’ word…’

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