Black Saturday

Traditionally Christians have celebrated Good Friday, remembering Jesus’ death and Easter Sunday remembering Jesus’ resurrection.

Black Saturday… between Good Friday and Easter Sunday… is often forgotten…

Black Saturday is a place of Devastation. You’ve made exciting plans that all fall apart.

Jesus friends and followers had seen so much, learned so much, hoped for so much… been so enthusiastic… but now Jesus was dead.

It’s the cancelled holiday of a life-time… the unexpected life-limiting diagnosis… the son that refuses to respond to messages… the ‘miracle cure’ that’s unsuccessful… the loved one who walks out on you…

Black Saturday is a place of Darkness. You can’t see where you are or where you’re going.

Jesus’ friends and followers had believed in him, trusted him, loved him, devoted their lives to him. Now he was dead – they couldn’t see why or what was ahead.

It’s the darkness of addiction, homelessness, bankruptcy, bereavement… you’re trapped and there’s no way out… in the darkness it seems never ending…

Black Saturday is a place of Desertion. You’ve had close friends; now you’re alone.

Jesus friends and followers had been together. Now their leader is gone they’re left on their own.

It’s the loneliness of isolation… being with others but feeling alone… dwelling on those who have betrayed you, not been there for you, let you down… living with mental ill-health, depression… life seeming meaningless, senseless, hollow, empty…

Black Saturday is a place of Determination. Despite devastation, darkness and desertion you hang in there.

Jesus friends and followers didn’t give up!

It’s the determination to get up to face another day… having the strength just to keep going…discovering the inner resources to cope with today… offering support to others in need… making it to tomorrow

Musing… On myself, family, friends… going through the suffering and death of their Good Friday… desperation, darkness and desertion of their Black Saturday… praying for the determination and strength to arrive at the life and hope of Easter Sunday.

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