Parents – Who’d Have ‘Em

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In my teaching career I met many children… Each of them had parents.

Musing four different sorts of parents…

I’m the best

  • ‘Gracie may only be five but she’s already read Pride and Prejudice – I read three times each day with her…’
  • ‘Wayne’s plays for the Manchester United under 9s football. It’s in the genes…’

Their child is exceptional… at gymnastics, singing, helpfulness, playground fighting… because they’re exceptional parents. Life’s a competition and they have to be the winner.

I’m the worst

  • ‘Shaun can’t do long division. I try to teach him, but I can’t do it either. What hope does he have?…’
  • ‘Tracey hasn’t done her homework? Again? I had to work last night…I’ll tell her, but I don’t know when…’

Their child’s autism, difficulties with speaking French, dislike of playing the guitar, dyslexia… is their fault. Comparing themselves to other parents they’re failures and never good enough.

I don’t care

  • ‘Alfie should sort his own problems out. I have enough to worry about with getting to bingo on time.’
  • ‘You think Violet would benefit from extra reading support? I managed without reading and writing. Whatever…’

Their children seem to take a lower priority. Some can’t cope, others choose to opt out. Responsibility for their children’s learning, welfare and behaviour is handed over to the teacher..

I do my best

  • ‘Katy’s worried about swimming tomorrow morning. Could I pop in to see what we can do about it.’
  • ‘Ethan’s not keeping up with his history assignments? We’ve had a lot going on, Barry’s lost his job and Mum’s in hospital…’

They accept that they’re not perfect. They know their children aren’t perfect. They get on with it and do the best they can.

Musing… I’m the best, I’m the worst, I don’t care, I do my best… four stereotypes…

…It’s not just school-parents – it’s all of us…

…It’s four different ways Christian’s approach their faith

It’s four different sides of me…

2 thoughts on “Parents – Who’d Have ‘Em

  1. Hi Malcolm.
    Last week I came across a friend of a friend He was an ex pupil who grew up in a family close to criminality. Father in prison for GBH x2. He’s now the leading light for an anti knife crime initiative in Derby.

    It a a great joy to see that beyond all odds we can all rise above our beginings and become transformed. God did it for me.



    1. Thanks Les
      I was chatting to a gent this morning who despite his childhood that led him into addiction his life has been turned around by God. He’s just completed his first year of nursing training!
      Good news indeed


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