Provisions…Frying Pans & Fish

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Grandson Zak’s off to university today. Rachel prepared a little bag of provisions for him… a frying pan, bars of chocolate… His mother Jo has done a more thorough review of his situation… essential food, lap-top, plates, clothes… provisions for the months ahead.

Musing… ‘provision’… made up of ‘pro-’ meaning ‘before’ and ‘-vision’ which is about seeing.

Seeing what’s needed (before it happens!) Jo and Zak are packing the car with necessary provisions…

There are three aspects of ‘provision’:

  • Seeing… an alert vision… an awareness of need…
  • Future… what may happen… so that appropriate action can be taken
  • Resources… the necessary resources to best prepare for the unknown

Neighbours James and Helen are expecting their third child any day now. They will make provision for his/her needs with food, clothes, protection, nurture, guidance… As good loving parents they will see needs, be aware of their child’s unknown future and provide the necessary resources…

Yesterday I was talking to Katie. Katie’s 20, working at a local fast-food outlet. She isn’t happy there but doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life… She can’t see her purpose, has no real plans for her future, and on minimum wage she has limited resources. Making provision for her life is difficult.

Reading the ancient story of Jonah this morning… Jonah’s running away from God. He gets in a boat, a storm comes and the sailors throw him overboard: ‘…But the Lord provided a great fish to swallow Jonah…’

God could see Jonah’s need, knew his future, and had the resources – ‘a great fish’ – God’s provision

I recall the line from the old hymn: ‘All I have needed thy hand hath provided’. It’s talking about a God who can see my need, knows my future and has the resources.

That same God can make provision for Zak – seeing his needs, knowing his future and having the resources… probably more than just chocolate and a frying pan.

2 thoughts on “Provisions…Frying Pans & Fish

  1. Although chocolate is an excellent start .😊 I am edified by your ministry, thank you Here’s a thought… you think Manna might have been chocolate….I would be happy to eat it everyday, full of iron and protein……… not sure my musings will make a wider audience but I did lead 100 year 9 through communion yesterday and they contributed in an engaged way to intercessions and sermon before all, literally all, choosing to receive a wafer or blessing 😳 God is good


    1. Thanks Caro. Zak thought that chocolate was a good idea too. I like the idea of chocolate manna….It says that manna tasted like wafers made with honey… perhaps Kit Kat? Thanks for your encouragement…. 100 year 9s through communion so that they were involved and participating is some achievement – well done!! God is certainly good. There’s something special about the privilege of what he allows us to be involved in…. Keep in touch


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