Musings Anniversary

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I’ve written my daily ‘Malcolm’s Musings’ for a year. It seems a good time to review…

I retired from teaching in 2008, grateful that I was still (relatively!) fit. There were problems and challenges at home and church but life was good.

I took on additional responsibilities in church, studied (MTh in Applied Theology) and developed other interests.

In 2016 I stepped down from church leadership. It was the right thing to do. A number of friends were going through tough times and seeking strength, support and direction. I had time, questions, and uncertainty.

For many years I had led school and church, institutions that I was passionately committed to. I had sought to speak and act representing the their best interests. Now it was just me. With the help of a number of kind and trusted friends I reviewed my life…  

What emerged and developed includes…

People: With the extra time and availability I meet more people for coffee, for a pint. We talk about health, faith, addictions, depression, hopes, plans, family, frustrations – ordinary every day stuff, but meaningful conversations.

Practices: My life is deeply rooted in my faith, but I need routines in my life… I read a few chapters of the Bible each day so that I read all of the Bible each year; I keep a prayer diary; I enjoy my Saturday morning prayer walk; I have my daily gratitude book…

Positivity: Each day is a gift from God. I seek to engage with it, be grateful for it and focus on what is good. Bad things happen, I make mistakes, I’m a disappointment to myself and others, but each day has exciting undiscovered opportunities.

A year ago, as meetings for coffee and beer dried up I looked for a new positive way to reflect on and share my life and faith. Encouraged by one or two close friends, on April 11 2020 Malcolm’s Musings started…

8 thoughts on “Musings Anniversary

  1. Thank you Malcolm, for sharing your musings. as a relatively new comer to then, just the last couple of months, they have have been a great blessing, diverse, sensible, grounded and challenging. please don’t stop – yet. Christine


  2. Many Thanks Malcolm for your daily musing. Have found them interesting, thoughtful, and encouraging. Also learning about people I knew nothing, or very little about, I have enjoyed as well. Looking forward to that coffee when able. Hopefully before I retire again !!!! in July.


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