I’m too old…

I’m too old… Things I used to be able to do I can’t do, things I used to be able to remember I can’t remember, and the government repeatedly tell me that I’m ‘vulnerable’.

Musing again on the ancient story of Joseph… who invites his dad, Jacob, to leave the famine in Canaan and move to Egypt. But Jacob’s 130 years old!

When Jacob has significant decisions to make he meets and talks to his God, as he does here. He considers three matters relevant to his old age:

Family: Our covid-world has shown us the importance of family. We’ve seen families sick, stressed, sad, surviving….

Jacob’s going to join Joseph in Egypt with his other sons and grandchildren. Remembering his father Isaac Jacob can see, with his God’s help, a little of how he fits into this family picture.

When I was younger I think I took family for granted: now I put my life in the context of my parents, children and grandchildren – and I’m grateful.

Future: Older people are good at talking about and living in their past. This covid-world has pushed many into present-survival mode, self-isolating at home for as long as it takes.

Jacob is going to Egypt. His God tells him not to dwell in his past, or remain inactive in his present; he must look to his future.

My future brings hope and purpose; with my God’s help I must determine the direction to get me there.

Fear: Our covid-world has made many fearful. Fearful for themselves, their physical and mental health, fearful for their loved ones, fearful of the unknown and unpredictable.

Jacob’s God tells him, ‘Don’t be afraid… I will go down to Egypt with you.’ He doesn’t need to fear because his all-knowing, all-caring, all-powerful God is with him.

I don’t need to fear – even in my advancing years – in a world where my God is with me.

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