Blessed are the Weary and Groggy…

Yesterday Boris announced a national lockdown.

Twelve hours later there’s the predictable variety of responses. Vaccine fuelled optimism from previous days quickly evaporates.

Many feel angry, frustrated, weary, apprehensive…; some want someone to blame – Boris is a convenient target; some speak out, supporting staff in schools, hospitals and care-homes; good Christian people respond with encouraging verses and worthy prayers

I muse on individuals – friends and relations: ex-colleagues, teachers and support staff; grandchildren not sitting GCSEs and A-levels; stressed parents, home schooling their children; church leaders faced with more challenges; the lonely, sick, those running low on resolve and determination.

Four years ago I attended an event where we were invited to write New Year’s Resolutions. Dreams and aspirations for the year were considered. Many wrote them on post-it notes, displaying them on a board…

I was going through a tough time. I didn’t share their optimism. I tried to be positive about the coming year, but all I could muster was the phrase, ‘One day at a time’ which I wrote on a small post-it note – and kept. It was a moment of private desperation.

Yesterday my brother Chris had his latest treatment for his cancer. It went well but this morning he feels weary and groggy. We wondered whether in the beatitudes Jesus might have said ‘Blessed are the weary and groggy for God will reveal unto them his goodness.’

My experience four years ago led to a period of reflection and prayer that resulted in a series of ‘New Day Resolutions’. The first is:

‘I resolve that I will live one day at a time, grateful for it as a gift from God.’

‘One day at a time’ started as a statement of desperation; it became a statement of intent and faith. I pray ‘Give me today my daily bread.’ Today is a gift with potential and opportunities; I look out for ‘God revealing his goodness’.

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