Disputes and Decisions

Musing this morning on Genesis 13:

Disputes: Abram has left home; he’s travelling around with flocks, family and possessions. He’s rich and successful, but his herdsmen quarrel with the herdsmen of his cousin Lot.

The year has started with disputes – how we best respond to Covid, moving on from Brexit, returning to school; there are domestic disputes, continuing disputes in the United States…

Divisions: Abram and Lot decide they should separate.

Disagreements are inevitable; differences should unite, not divide. In education today government, teachers, unions and parents need to acknowledge their differences but work together for the learning, mental-health and benefit of children and students.

Decisions: Abram and Lot have to make a decision; their problem won’t go away…

At the start of 2021 many of us have decisions to make; we can’t drift through and hope things will be OK.

Desires: Lot chooses the best pasture for his flocks and moves east. Abram’s motivation is different; he wants to obey his God and travel with him.

Motivation for New Year’s resolutions are always interesting. Hopes and desires for 2021 may be self-focused, supportive of those around us, or including God as priority.

Direction: Making a decision was not enough. They then had to act and start moving…

‘Moving on’ is a theme for many this year – moving on from disappointment, redundancy or bereavement; moving on to a new job, continuing hospital treatment or a new challenge.

Destination: Abram had God’s promise that they would eventually reach their promised land. He believed and trusted him that he would eventually get there.

It was sad to hear yesterday of Gerry Marsden’s death. For many he’s best remembered for singing, ‘You’ll never walk alone’. It’s a great song – interpreted by Liverpool football fans, lovers, families and friends in many meaningful ways. And I, with my faith, will remember the One who will walk with me through 2021.

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