The Dance of Life

I’m a dancer

Morris Dancer

I’m a Morris dancer, performing on a village green. An ancient routine to an unwritten melody passed from generation to generation. I celebrate the seasons, the harvest, the gifts of nature.

I have little finesse; I’m sometimes drunk; my dance may appear comical, but I perform energetically and enthusiastically. The Morris dance is my life.

Ballet Dancer

I’m a ballet dancer. My dance is complex and tightly choreographed. The classical score is played by a full orchestra. Costume and scenery add to the spectacle.

I’m a disciplined, highly trained athlete. I’m graceful. I jump, I spin. I perform with others, I dance my pas-de-deux or my solo. Always the detail is vital. The ballet is my life.

‘Strictly’ Dancer

I’m a contestant on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. My expert mentor teaches me. I glide effortlessly in my waltz, fight the bull in my pasodoble, express my emotions in the tango. There is always a new routine to learn.

I perform: judges criticise; the audience applauds; television viewers have opinions. I am never eliminated. ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is my life.’

Dance of Life

My repertoire includes many other dances:

  • I’m a tap dancer listening and responding to the rhythms of life.
  • I’m a line dancer alongside my friends. We learn together. We make mistakes together.
  • I’m the party dancer, dad-dancing, embarrassing my children, shamelessly celebrating.
  • I’m a street and hip-hop dancer learning and reflecting the dances of a new generation.

Lord of the Dance

I dance with and for the Lord of the Dance, the creator, choreographer and dance leader in my daily public performance. I try to keep in step with him and with those around me. He teaches me each new routine.

He allows me to be a creative individual, to express my feelings and emotions. This personal, unique dance is my life.

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