The Journey of Life

Christian tradition

The Biblical narrative is full of literal and metaphorical journeys. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Jesus, Paul… the Promised Land, Egypt, Exile, Bethlehem, Rome…

Three lessons from my journey this week:

Travelling companions

I have travelled with many. Some have shared my journey over many years, some for short but significant periods of time. Some are constructive, some destructive, many instructive.

Ron is elderly and doesn’t get out so much these days. I visit him. He is always bright and encourages me.

Cheryl told me of a group of women who choose to travel together to support each other with friendship, family concerns, weight and alcohol management…

The Difficult Road

The narrow gate leading to the narrow road is a helpful image. Often it is travelling companions that make it difficult.

Carl has made bad choices of travelling companions. His life, marriage and family is in a mess.

Dave is finding it tough because he feels he is travelling alone and longs for companions to share his journey.

Les has finally persuaded his wife, Julie, to face up to her depression and anxiety.

Cheryl chooses to travel with a particularly needy friend, Lucy, who will contact her at all hours of the day and night.

Strugglers and Stragglers

It is easy to lose sight of the strugglers and stragglers.

Many forget about Ron. Dave needs encouragement to find good travelling companions.

Julie needs encouragement from Les: Les needs strength to support Julie.

Lucy only continues with support. It would be easier for many if Carl avoided others in his journey, but he needs help.

It is the picture of the lost sheep, the prodigal son, the Good Samaritan. The traveller who has lost his way needs to be found, welcomed back to the journey, benefiting from companions who provide strength, stamina, encouragement, and hope.

Ron, Cheryl, Dave, Lucy, Carl, Les & Julie (real people, not their real names) are all on the journey….

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