Pause, Reflect, Act

The coronation weekend is finished. Services and celebrations, concerts and community events. Carefully made plans became actions and activities. But now the bunting comes down. We pause and reflect.

Avid monarchy supporters will reflect with delight on a good weekend of events and celebrations. Anti-monarchist protestors will reflect on their demonstrations and their next steps. The Metropolitan Police will reflect on how they handled the protests. Many will pause reflect on how the monarchy will develop and change.

We went to the football yesterday. The last game of the seasons. Norwich lost 1-0. Last summer there were plans, hopes and expectations. Yesterday was a disappointing end to a disappointing season. We pause and reflect.

Some blame the manager; some blame the players. Some fans speak of bad luck, describe key injuries, remain optimistic; others advocate wholesale change to the board of directors, manager, players… Evolution won’t happen; revolution’s needed. But today we pause and reflect.

I recall recent conversations… Peter’s having a hip replacement, Ian’s preparing for a house move and a new job, Hannah and Jen are completing their studies, Helen’s continuing her cancer treatment… For each there’s a necessary time to pause and reflect…

In ‘Proverbs’ this morning I read of the lazy farmer whose vineyard was overgrown with thorns and nettles. The wall was falling down. Pause and reflect is one thing… Pause and reflect too long… at best nothing happens; at worst things deteriorate badly!

The time of ‘pause and reflect’ must lead to action. King Charles will show how ‘set apart to serve’ works out in practice. Norwich City will plan and prepare for next season. Each of my friends must be proactive in moving forward into what comes next.

I return to Proverbs… talking about the value of wisdom, truth and understanding… Perhaps we ‘pause and reflect’ to decide not just where we’re going, but how we get there… not just on what we need to do, but how we should do it.

2 thoughts on “Pause, Reflect, Act

  1. An insightful comment came to me when I was on a team for finding a new college president. I was pre-screening and asked a candidate what kind of vision he had. He told me his approach and then said “Here’s the problem with visionaries…vision is a must in the forefront, and it should be big. However, vision has no value if you do not pause, roll up your sleeves and work it out before coming up with more vision.
    He stressed hitting the pause button and then putting on the work clothes. I am a visionary with a very small-hard to find pause button. Good post Malcolm.

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