Balancing Without Falling

As a child I enjoyed balancing… walking along narrow beams, carrying a glass of water on my head… As a teacher I encouraged games and races that involved balancing.

Today I enjoy watching children carefully balancing on narrow walls… parents teaching children to ride their bikes. Falling may aid learning, but the ultimate aim is to balance without falling.

Now I’m older several of my friends walk with sticks. I was joking with Bruce the other day… balancing without falling is a necessity not a game!!

A ‘work-life balance’ tries to balance work-time, family-time, me-time; often the balance involves fitting everything into a busy schedule… balancing my finances – so that spending isn’t greater than income… enjoying a balanced discussion where points of view differ…

Parents of teenagers need balance… providing for their needs but enabling independence; protecting them from harm, but letting go; making ‘house rules’ but letting them make up their own decisions.

…Chatting to Dave yesterday. Dave is his wife’s full-time carer. ‘She’s got Tesco’s syndrome’, he says. ‘Two for the price of one – vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s.’ Dave’s challenge is to be wise in balancing his love and care for his wife with his own health and sanity… without falling over.

I know that at times balance isn’t required. some people have an unbalanced passion for gardening, running, Norwich City, Take That, chocolate… some have  an unbalanced sense of humour that’s totally bonkers…

And when Jesus spoke about loving the God with all of you heart, soul, mind and strength, and your neighbour as yourself that was hardly balanced…

This morning I read Psalm 121. ‘I will lift up my eyes to the hills… My help comes from the Lord…’ Familiar words. It continues: ‘He will not let your foot slip…’ Balancing without falling over.

Today, whether I’m riding my metaphorical bike, walking along my narrow wall… perhaps needing Bruce’s sticks, Dave’s wisdom or my God’s help with non-slipping feet… I seek to balance without falling…

2 thoughts on “Balancing Without Falling

  1. I love that promise. A year ago I had been sick and it affected my balance. I didn’t know it until I went into the wilderness. I put on a heavy back pack, tipped over and turtled. It’s very hard to get out of a backpack laying on top of it with ones back. I ended up stuck between two rocks….After taking pictures my friends (??) helped me out.

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  2. Thanks Gary. You’re right. The truth is however much we try to keep our balance there are times when we fall – I have many times. We then need friends – like yours – human and divine – to pick us up and help us regain balance, strength and confidence.

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