Cutting Coronation Complexity

Perspective… Many are giving us their opinions on Saturday’s coronation, each coming from a different angle… TV commentators make news… Politically-minded friends offer views… Christian friends emphasise the spiritual… sometimes opinion turns to prejudice. I’m seeking perspective.

Pageantry… Many are taken up with the spectacle: processions with state carriages, thrones, crowns, ceremony steeped in historical traditions, theatre with dramatic costumes demonstrating role and responsibility…

People… There will be many invited guests in Westminster Abbey… thousands in the crowds on the streets of London… millions in this country and throughout the world watching on television… many will feel involved

Politics… We shall see political leaders and heads of state; how does the monarchy relate to parliament and world politics? The Archbishop of Canterbury and other religious leaders will be there; how does the monarchy relate to religion, Christian faith and church politics?

Person… It’s about Charles – an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation. Is he a good man seeking to do his best? How should he express his opinions? Does he have any influence? Should he be defender of the faith, defender of faith or defender of no faith at all?

Power… Much of the discussion involves where the power lies…

Processing… I weigh up, reflect… As I often do, I muse through music…

…Before ‘Carousel’ concludes with ‘You’ll Never Walk alone’ Billy Bigelow sings ‘The Highest judge of all’. Billy’s an ordinary guy who’s made a mess of his life, but he talks about powers and thrones bigger than this world…

Take me beyond the pearly gates,
Through a beautiful marble hall,
Take me before the highest throne
And let me be judged by the highest Judge of all!

I return to muse on the Christian view of power and thrones as expressed in the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah…

The Kingdom of this world is become
The Kingdom of our Lord
And of His Christ, and of His Christ
And He shall reign forever and ever.

2 thoughts on “Cutting Coronation Complexity

  1. What an interesting list of 7 P’s. Love your “It’s about Charles – an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation. Is he a good man seeking to do his best?” Great question.


  2. Thanks Wynne. I think my reflection is that many of us jump to conclusions without asking the questions and thinking through the possible answers. I’ve tried to watch recent interviews on TV with an open mind…. I’ve been impressed with Charles’ thoughtfulness, sincerity, understanding and hard work. Some of the British press have given him a hard time in the past. In the last six months particularly I’ve been impressed by his humanity and humility


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