Yesterday we visited Hardwick Hall, a 16th century Elizabethan country house in Derbyshire. Information boards explained some of the renovations taking place… They could establish the age of 16th century timber used in the construction of the original building using ‘dendrochronology’. That’s a new word to me…

…Dendrochronology is the scientific method of dating tree rings to the exact year they were formed. It comes from three Greek words:

Dendro – from dendron – ‘tree’… coming from the root ‘deru’ meaning ‘firm, solid, steadfast…’; chrono from ‘chronos’ – ‘time’; logy from ‘logos’ – ‘word’… also ‘explanation, knowledge, learning, science…’

…Musing on ‘dendrochronology’… links between tree-strength, time and knowledge.

Yesterday I read: ‘Congratulations to wonderful Josh Sturman for finishing 5 years of medical school and passing your final exams!!!’

We’ve known Josh since he was a baby. We’ve been delighted to see how he’s developed to become ‘firm, solid steadfast’ (dendro) …growing up and developing over many years… (chronos). …following his studies and learning through school and university (all the ‘ologies’ he’s studied…!).

This is SPED (Special Education) week; many raise awareness of Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)… Yesterday I read of a couple who had adopted a boy with FASD. I’d not met FASD before…

…‘Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders’ (FASDs) are a group of conditions that can occur in a person whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy…

This couple haven’t always found it easy. They’ve had to be consistent – firm, solid and steadfast (dendro) in their parenting over many years (chronos). They’ve had to read and learn about the condition – develop their ‘logos’ to understand his needs and be good parents to their son…

Over this Easter period we’re often reminded the story of the apostle Peter. He was called ‘Peter’ meaning ‘rock’ – which also implies ‘firm, solid and steadfast’… which eventually he became. He learnt to develop this character through failure, patience and time (chronos)… gaining his learning (logos) from Jesus, the master teacher…

Musing, I learn from Peter’s dendro-chrono-logy…

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