God So Loved (We The Kingdom)

Come all you weary
Come all you thirsty
Come to the well
That never runs dry
Drink of the water
Come and thirst no more

We sometimes sing this song at our church… Jesus often invited people: ‘Come, follow me… come, I will teach you… come, I will heal you… come, I will give you rest…’ He spoke, he acted, he called for a response: ‘Come’.

Come all you sinners
Come find His mercy
Come to the table
He will satisfy
Taste of His goodness
Find what you’re looking for

Jesus called ‘come’ to everybody – especially the needy, the tired, those who found life difficult. He never said, ‘Sort your life out and then come.’ His invitation was always to come as you are – with your mess, your failures, your baggage.

Bring all your failures
Bring your addictions
Come lay them down
At the foot of the cross
Jesus is waiting there
With open arms

Today’s Palm Sunday. This week Christians throughout the world will remember the last week in the life of Jesus… telling stories of his last supper, trial, execution… donkeys, foot washing, bread, wine… betrayal, denial, suffering, death… desperation, emptiness, hopelessness…

For God so loved
The world that He gave us
His one and only
Son to save us
Whoever believes in Him
Will live forever

As the story’s retold, with very mixed emotions, at the back of our minds we remember that the story ends with resurrection, wrongs righted, death defeated, hope regained and love conquering all.

The power of hell
Forever defeated
Now it is well
I’m walking in freedom
For God so loved
God so loved the world

And me? I shall come… hear again familiar words… read the familiar narrative… remember that ‘God so loved… God gave…’ identify again as a believing  ‘whoever’… With refreshed understanding and hope I shall respond ‘Praise God’.

Praise God
Praise God
From whom all blessings flow
Praise Him
Praise Him
For the wonders of His love

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