Fresh Starts

The kittiwakes are back. Having migrated for the winter they’ve returned to nest on the Claremont Pier. Yesterday they were claiming their nesting sites… They’re always so noisy! They may be arguing… perhaps they’re just engaged in animated debate.

The kittiwakes ‘fresh start’… returning to do what they do each year – energetically, loudly…

Recently the frogs were active, leaving several lots of spawn in our pond. The eggs have now hatched and there are loads of tiny tadpoles. Yesterday there were several newts enjoying their breakfast – eating the frogspawn.

The frogs fresh start – frogspawn – the next generation of frogs; for the newts – a tasty meal…

The 1919 race riots saw violent clashes at many British ports. Following the war there was mass unemployment… Britain’s African and Caribbean community particularly were targeted… white ex-servicemen believed that they were taking jobs that they thought they were coming home to.

A fresh start? Anger, frustration… victimisation, injustice, violence…

Tess has had a difficult week. She’s in a job she loves, working with people she loves. Her new boss has made life very difficult for her. She messaged me yesterday: ‘I handed in my notice tonight… It feels like the right decision.’

Tess doesn’t want a fresh start – but realises that one is necessary. She’s had to make a difficult decision and take action.

Tim had much-needed heart surgery on Wednesday. It took 6½ hours. Yesterday he had ‘tubes out and medication in’ ; he’s tired but doing well.

Tim’s fresh start was – and is – vital. To make it possible he could do nothing; he had to commit himself into the hands of experts…

Musing… my fresh starts… those I choose; those that are inevitable… those that require my effort; those where I must depend wholly or partially on others… those that are beneficial or harmless; those that may hurt others…

…I need the wisdom to know which is which… the courage to take appropriate action… the faith to trust my God…

2 thoughts on “Fresh Starts

  1. …I need the wisdom to know which is which… the courage to take appropriate action… the faith to trust my God…
    Amen brother! . . . you’re reading my mail 😊


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