Leading By Example

Jason often upset teachers in school. It wasn’t that he caused trouble, he just couldn’t be bothered to work. I chatted with him one day about his talents, the importance of education, the opportunities that he had…

He explained… His parents and grandparents had never worked. In his young eyes they’d done OK. He had no need of an education, so there was no motivation to work. He was following the example set by his family.

Politicians set policy, make promises, define tactics, make speeches, take decisions… Reflecting on Boris Johnson or Rishi Sunak… this weekend’s news of the Conservative party chairman Nadhim Zahawi settling his tax issues… looking at US politics – the presidency of Donald Trump or Joe Biden…

We may consider what they stand for or what’s been achieved under their leadership. What has the most lasting impact is the people they are and the examples they’ve set to the people they’ve led.

At church yesterday heard about our new pastor/minister who’s joining us later in the year. We had ‘Deacons Elections’, voting on church leaders…

Looking back on my lifetime attending different churches with different leaders… emphasising children’s, youth, community or building projects… teachers aiding understanding, preachers inspiring action…

Those who’ve had the greatest impact on my life have been those who’ve led not by what they’ve said or done, but by the example they’ve set me.

Musing on…

…the example …that others set me …that I set others …in my family, at church, in my daily life.

…‘Who I am is more important that what I do’… challenging for someone who’s been active and done stuff all his life.

…what it is to follow Jesus, my example.

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