Putting the ‘Age’ in ‘Haulage’

Yesterday’s paper told of 90 year old trucker Brian Wilson who’s been driving HGVs for 70 years. Last month he passed his annual medical; he still works 5 days a week. The headline was ‘Trucker, 90, puts the ‘age’ in haulage’.

Tuesday afternoon I was reading with cup of coffee in my hand. I nodded off, spilling coffee down the front of my trousers. I awoke with a strange feeling…! It looked as if I’d wet myself. Putting the ‘age’ in spillage.

I’ve already had a cup of tea and a cup of coffee this morning. Yesterday I met Bill for coffee; today I’ll meet Chris, later I’ll see Barrie. At our Men’s Shed ‘teas-up’ is an important announcement. Putting the ‘age’ in beverage.

On Tuesday the grandchildren came round. I chatted with Hannah about our shared interest in musical theatre; it was scary to see that Luca’s developing a sense of humour similar to ours… And we must review our will this year… Putting the ‘age’ in ‘heritage’.

Talking with other senior citizens the conversation often turns to our health… the medication we’re on, the surgery we need, friends we know who are worse off than we are… Putting the ‘age’ in dosage, bandage… and sometimes dotage.

We’ve been married for over 50 years. We’ve lived in this house – 4 bedrooms and a large garden – for 36 years. All’s good. One day we may need to downsize. Putting the ‘age’ into marriage and cottage.

Reflecting on life’s journey thus far… events, families, happy times, sad times, people valued, lessons learnt… Reflecting on faith that’s changed through the years… trusting a good, faithful God that’s travelled with me. Putting the ‘age’ in pilgrimage’.

I wonder what the future holds – our physical health, mental health, the future of our friends and family. This morning I read 80-year-old Moses telling Israel ‘Do not be afraid’  and ‘God will be with you’ when facing an uncertain future. ‘Putting the ‘age’ in courage.’

8 thoughts on “Putting the ‘Age’ in ‘Haulage’

  1. Your musings this week have made me think about many things, past and present.

    Sun / Mon. My Faults & Crossroads. Very briefly, had lots of thoughts about church over past year or two, and often think, am I at fault or others ? Confess don’t know, but suspect to a degree, we all are. Also found more than two roads before me at times.

    Tuesday. Tin Legs Smithy. When first started work I came across him. Did not know him that well or how he had his accident. He always waited outside the office for his mates to come in from sea. They would collect their money then off to the local pub.

    Wed. Families. We have regularly talked about our families and how we appreciate them, even though at times they could be the odd disagreement !!

    Thurs. Pleased to be able to tell Janet I am not the only person to fall asleep and spill their coffee !!


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