The Warrior Peacemaker

The ancient Greek myth tells of Pandora who was given a box that she must never open. She did open it. All of the evils of the world were released – war, greed, hunger, pain, hatred, anger, lying, disease, poverty, death… filling the world.

When Pandora looked in the box all that remained was hope…

Bad things are inevitable… all around us, but there’s always hope

Last weekend’s Lowestoft Journal told of a local sea tragedy. On November 19, 1937, in thick fog, the local 40-ton herring drifter ‘Reclaim’ was heading to Kessingland when it was run down by the 9,300-ton steamer ‘Hurunui’, travelling from Australia.

The Reclaim sunk; only one of the ten crew members survived. A memorial plaque was unveiled on the South Pier in Lowestoft to mark the tragedy’s 85th anniversary.

Bad things… we remember… learning lessons, we move on.

A couple of days ago I rung the hospital. I wanted to visit my friend who’d been very sick with pancreatitis, caused by his drinking habits. A lovely ward clerk told me that he’d gone home!

I popped round to see him yesterday. He was recovering, much stronger and in good spirits. His doctor told him he’s got a second chance; if he drinks again he might not recover. He’s vowed never to touch alcohol again; friends and family are determined to help him.

Bad things… an opportunity to change, bringing good out of bad.

Cadoc was a Welsh prince, brought up in the warrior class, learning the ways of military strategy. However, when he came of age he turned his back on his heritage and followed a monastic life.

Instead of physical battles he fought spiritual battles – when treated badly he refused to retaliate; rather than hatred and violence he became a ‘warrior peacemaker’.

Musing… Bad things… inevitable, part of life… remembering and learning from past… bringing good out of bad. The season of Advent… remembering the ‘Messiah’, warrior peacemaker… the Prince of Peace always bringing hope…

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