Jo – Mist, Doors, & Buckets

Yesterday daughter Jo posted this on Facebook: ‘Changing Seasons. Today I drove to Cambridge for a 10 minute meeting! But it was an important meeting. I have been accepted by the URC Church to train to be a Minister of Word and Sacrament.’

Many friends wrote their words of support and encouragement. For me as Dad… from my years in church leadership… from yesterday’s thoughts and musings… how do I respond?

Yesterday we drove to and beyond Acle in Norfolk. It was misty, we went by a route we had not tried before so we went slowly… we were going to meet some friends so we had purpose and direction.

Musing… ministry and life – is a strange mixture of driving slowly through the mist on a new route… yet having clear purpose and direction.

I saw this yesterday and smiled: ‘I don’t have an advent calendar, so I’m just opening cupboard doors and eating whatever’s in there.’ Advent is usually about waiting and reflecting; children should be patient and controlled, opening their advent calendars one door at a time.

Musing… ministry and life – is a strange mixture of wanting to open and eat immediately… yet patiently opening one door at a time.

I was reminded yesterday of the old song ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’. The damaged bucket needs straw to mend it; the straw needs cutting with an axe; the axe needs a stone to sharpen it; the stone needs water which needs to be fetched in the damaged bucket!

Musing… ministry and life – is a strange mixture of tasks and duties that lead to other tasks and duties that seem never ending.

I read through ‘Philippians’ this morning. I was struck again by these words – familiar to Jo, me and many of our friends.

Musing… through the misty roads, the doors to be opened one at a time, the never ending tasks, Jo – and I – can know, and be protected by, God’s peace that transcends understanding.

2 thoughts on “Jo – Mist, Doors, & Buckets

  1. Many congratulations to Jo, her family & the Short family, you must be very proud of her achievements & what the future will bring, we are sure she will continue to be a blessing to all who know her.
    Love & blessings, Denis & Maddy xxx


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