Bags of Potential


…Granddaughter-Hannah posted these pictures. I looked up the definitions:

Bags of: A large amount of

Potential: The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or future success

I believe that Hannah has a huge capacity for future success. I accept my prejudice but as proud grandfather I believe that’s acceptable.

…Our Seagull Theatre posted:‘…we have been working away here at the Seagull since 2007 to build a community arts venue which supports and nurtures our town through promoting creativity and spreading the power of the arts to improve wellbeing.’

After many years of work, today we have been recognised by Arts Council England and offered the opportunity to join their National Portfolio of 990 arts organisations. This will secure us annual funding for the next three years to allow us to further grow and develop our work with our communities.’

The Arts Council recognises that The Seagull has Bags of Potential; it’s giving us significant money…

…Conversations …Trevor has been clean from drugs for several years now; he’s getting his life straight and is in a position where he can develop his potential… Sarah has been through an unpleasant divorce; she has come out stronger and has just entered a new relationship that has potential… Josh is unhappy in his A-level studies; his parents are anxious that he won’t fulfil his undoubted potential.

…Bags of potential?


…It’s November 5th when we remember Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. Politics and religion came together in their destructive and divisive best, in a way that has been and continues to be replicated across the world to this day…  

Religion and politics has bags of potential for good… but often we repeat history’s failures.

…Musing …As a ‘Jesus follower’ I’m challenged not to judge and exclude, but to see the bags of potential in those around me, imagine what they could become, and help them to get there… and see the bags of potential in me to develop into something better.

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