The Sun Always Rises…

For a number of months Rachel and I have enjoyed a Sunday afternoon walk along the Lowestoft sea front… talking about the world, our church, our friends and family…

For a number of years I’ve enjoyed an early Saturday morning walk along the Lowestoft sea front… Alone reflecting, musing, praying…

I enjoy the changing seasons and colours, sunshine, sea-mist, dog-walkers, optimistic joggers, serious runners, all-year-swimmers…

The sea and beach are always there; the sun always rises.

Watching last night’s news… disaster in South Korea, during the Halloween celebrations, killing 156… the bridge that collapsed in India killing 134… ongoing devastation and death in Ukraine… the election result in Brazil emphasising deep national divisions.

…Britain’s avian flu epidemic… killing 5.5 million birds, threatening many local businesses… predicting a Christmas turkey shortage…

Today I’ll cycle along the Lowestoft sea front. The sea and beach are always there; the sun always rises.

Yesterday I talked about sickness, hospital appointments, golf, bowls, a house move, a marriage proposal, recent holidays, planned holidays, retirement, pensions, financial worries, politics, religion…

Last night was Halloween. One friend wrote: Tonight has been a giggle. We have dressed up, lit pumpkins, eaten great food…and too many sweets! …as we welcome in the winter season & for a night become aware of the darker side of life, our fears & the seasons…

Life goes on. The sea and beach are always there; the sun always rises.

I’ve learnt a new word – the verb ‘to spuddle’: ‘To put in a great deal of effort and achieve only very little.’

I’ve been raking leaves off my front lawn. More leaves fall off the tree; the leaves blow back. I’ve been spuddling… I’ve concluded that I spend a lot of time spuddling!

Remembering God’s ancient promise to Noah… ‘As long as the earth remains, there will be planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night.’ (Genesis 8:22) The sea and beach are always there. The sun always rises.

6 thoughts on “The Sun Always Rises…

  1. Many thanks for the new word i am sure i will be able to fit in some where and improve my English.
    Kind regards



  2. I like the new word, it is almost self explanatory upon hearing it. I must teach it to my grand kids as they are at that stage with their helping out (bless their hearts those little creative spuddlers).


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