Making Wise Decisions… Taking Action

Weekend news…

…The UK Chief Veterinary Officer wrote to us following a local outbreak of Avian Influenza:

Dear Resident… If you keep poultry such as chickens, ducks or geese… even if you only keep them as pets, we need you to take action.

Register your birds… Report any illness or death in your birds… Make sure your birds are safe from infection.

We have no turkeys, pheasants of guinea fowl… Easy decision! No action!

…Our friend Cat wrote:10 years clean today! 10 years ago today was my first day clean after yet another relapse. At the time I didn’t know if that would be my final use up and to this day I can’t say that it won’t be…

…The Lord has blessed me immensely with the right people at the right times all throughout my journey. So it is with a great deal of faith and excitement that I look toward the next year.

Cat made a decision; each day she takes action.

…Rishi Sunak was confronted, visiting Croydon University Hospital. 77-year-old Catherine Poole gave lectured him over nurses’ pay: ‘You need to pay them.’  

He said the Government was trying. She insisted: ‘You are not trying, you need to try harder.’

He continued, dodging the question: ‘It is brilliant to be here at Croydon Hospital, to see the great work of the doctors and nurses here.’

Will he make a decision… or take action?

In church Mark told the story of Elijah: Fearful for his life Elijah runs away, hides in a cave, has to decide what to do…

Mark remembered going on a course. ‘You won’t make wise decisions when you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired – HALT.’ I went on a similar course.

God speaks to Elijah, not through the earthquake, wind or fire, but with a gentle whisper: ‘What are you doing here?’… Elijah had to make wise decisions and take action…

Musing… Chickens, Cat, Catherine, Rishi, Mark, Elijah, Me… making wise decisions taking action.

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